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Glendale, AZ
  • Glendale Becomes Paradise City

    Mayor proclaims one day symbolic
    name change
    Learn why here: Link

  • Stay Cool in the City Pool!

    All city pools are now open! Hours
    vary by location
    . Swim lessons are
    also available: Details
  • Cardinals Training Camp

    University of Phoenix Stadium
    July 29th - August 26th
Glendale, AZ

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Glendale Proposed Downtown Entertainment District
Later this fall, the Glendale City Council will be considering the adoption of a designated Entertainment District pertaining to the issuance of liquor licenses within downtown Glendale. In an effort to inform the Council’s decision, the city is conducting extensive public outreach to gauge public opinion regarding the proposed creation of a district of this nature. For more information about the proposal and to participate in a brief survey, please visit www.glendaleaz.com/feedback.cfm


Reminder: August 30 is Primary Election Day!

Find Your Polling Place

  • VOTER REGISTRATION: Voters must be registered by Aug. 1 to be eligible to vote in the primary. Register to vote by either stopping by the Glendale City Clerk’s Office, calling the Maricopa County Recorder at 602-506- 1511; or visiting servicearizona.com or recorder.maricopa.gov/elections/
  • EARLY BALLOTS: The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office will begin mailing early ballots on Aug. 3 to voters on the permanent early voter list. To request an early ballot or more information regarding the permanent early voting list, contact the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office at 602-506-1511 or visit: recorder.maricopa.gov/elections/. The last day to submit a request for an early ballot for the Aug.30th Primary is August 19th .
  • INDEPENDENT VOTERS: Voters registered as Independent must choose one political party ballot such as Democratic, Republican or Green party to vote in the primary election. Glendale Independent voters may also choose a ballot with city candidates and questions only. To order a ballot, call the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office at 602-506-1511 or the Glendale City Clerk’s Office at 623-930-2252
    ext. 1.

Glendale Crest Electronic Plan Reviews
The City of Glendale will be implement a new Electronic Plan Review submission and review process. This process will save time and money for both citizens and stakeholders. This process reduces printing cost, paper, and delivery cost, and is more efficient for communicating the redlined corrections and revisions. The Electronic Plan Review Fees assigned with the submittal will be a calculated as 20 percent of the base building fee.


Monsoon Season 2016 Has Begun
Glendale Fire Chief Terry Garrison and Glendale Police Chief Debora Black discuss in these videos what city residents need to know about safety during these intense storms.


Glendale's Fiscal Year 2016-17 Budget Approved
The city's newly approved budget of $693 million shows a positive outlook for the city.

Glendale is benefiting from increased sales tax revenues, the effects of implementing a new set of fiscal policies for spending and the impact of improved bond ratings this year, including acknowledgement from Moody’s Investors Service for “prudent” budget management.

Coverage of the budget workshops can be seen on Glendale 11 on Cox and Century Link as well as online.

Envision Glendale logo

Envision Glendale 2040 Approved by Glendale City Council
The 2040 General Plan has been approved for the Glendale City Council. A General Plan can be described as the "blueprint" for the City's future. It represents the community's vision as goals and policies to direct decision-making. Arizona state law requires that each city adopt a general plan addressing 17 mandatory components or "elements": Land Use; Circulation; Open Space; Growth Areas; Environmental Planning; Cost of Development; Water Resources; Conservation; Recreation; Public Services and Facilities; Public Buildings; Housing; Conservation, Rehabilitation, and Redevelopment (currently addressed in the Glendale General Plan through the Redevelopment Element and the Neighborhood Element); Safety; Bicycling; Energy; and Neighborhood Preservation and Revitalization. Along with the state-required elements, Glendale's General Plan also includes four elective elements. These are Urban Design, Historic Preservation, Fiscal, and Economic Development. The General Plan can be downloaded at www.glendale2040.com | Video

Next step for Envision Glendale 2040, is it will appear on the Primary Election ballot on August 30, 2016 for consideration by Glendale voters. Be sure to vote in the Primary Election!

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