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Glendale University is not currently accepting applications.

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HOA Training Academy logoFree HOA Training with Glendale HOA Academy

1 to 2:30 p.m., Tuesdays, Oct. 13 - Nov. 3, at the Glendale Adult Center, 5970 W. Brown St.

The City of Glendale is continuing its partnership with Mulcahy Law Firm, P.C. to offer another free HOA Academy this fall to residents. This unique opportunity provides Glendale residents and HOA leaders an opportunity to learn about relevant issues facing neighborhoods and learn answers from specialists in the field.

The curriculum for this four week series is derived from top concerns and requests made by Glendale HOA leaders. This training will be taught by HOA attorneys from the Mulcahy Law Firm, P.C., along with the Glendale Police Crime Prevention Department. To date, more than 700 people have taken the training to gain the tools needed to more effectively manage and lead their HOA.

Registration for the HOA training is currently open. Early registration is encouraged, as only a limited number of seats are available. The classes are free to Glendale residents and only $20 for non-residents. To register, contact Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services at 623-930-2820 or click here to sign up online.  Download Flyer | Download Press Release

Class Descriptions

October 13: How to Handle Rentals in Community Associations and How to Build "Community" in HOAs
The Mulcahy topic survey of spring 2015 listed “Dealing with Renters” the #1 issue attendees wanted more information about.  Dealing with problem tenants is at times frustrating. This class will cover 2014 Arizona rental legislation to include the right to restrict rental properties, voting, obtaining compliance and the general questions regarding rentals asked by so many associations. Additionally, we will explore ideas on how to “build community” within the association. A Mulcahy Community Association Attorney will answer your questions following the presentation.

October 20: Does your Association have Drones?  Nuisance Issues in the Association
Problems arise in the association and determining who should handle them will save time, render a good solution and make the association run much more smoothly. Drones are a hot topic for associations these days. We will discuss what the association can do regarding drones. Additionally, we will cover how to deal with petty disputes, overgrown trees, fence disputes, speeding and barking dogs just to name a few.  A Mulcahy Community Association Attorney will answer your questions following the presentation.

October 27: Budgeting for Community Associations - Audits, Compilations, Reviews - Contracts
Most community association documents require the association board of directors to adopt a budget for each fiscal year and late summer to early fall is typically the time of year devoted to that process. Steps to accurately complete the budgeting process will be covered: requests for bid, contract review, reserve funding, audits, compilations, reviews, who does the budget and much more will be covered. A Mulcahy Community Association Attorney will answer your questions following the presentation.

November 3: Safety, Crime and Vandalism Prevention
The Glendale Police Crime Prevention Department will talk about safety, crime and vandalism in your neighborhood and give you tips on prevention. The definition of Crime Prevention is, “the anticipation, the recognition, and the appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation of action to remove or reduce it.”  Using the goals of crime prevention, making citizens aware that many crimes can be prevented through some relatively easy “common sense” measures which will hopefully motivate people to take these measures and apply them when the need is recognized. The goals of crime prevention are different than traditional reactive police enforcement, it is the more proactive approach.  We will discuss the aspects of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, also known as CPTED, an urban planning tool that emphasizes the use of physical design features and land use characteristics to reduce or remove opportunities for criminal activity and to deter criminal behavior.  The four basic simple principles are:  access control, territoriality, natural surveillance and activity support. These principles will be discussed and can be taken back and applied to our homes as well as used within our communities as a crime prevention tool. 


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