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Awesome Library for -- The homework help is good for the older kids while the games are good for both younger and older kids.

A Maths Dictionary for Kids-- -- A colorful, interactive dictionary of math terms.

Jiskha HW -- A great website for homework help.

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary with Links -- -- This dictionary contains 2,459 illustrated entries. Words are used in a sentence and most entries are linked to a related web site. The user can select from eight different versions or languages.

Online Reference Materials -- -- Simply scroll down to find links to a variety of reference tools such as dictionaries, thesauruses, specialty dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, conversion and translation tools, almanacs, calendars, records, maps & atlases. -- -- Choose to search in a dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, or on the web.

Kids Online Resources-- -- Users can search by categories or topics. Links are also available to dictionaries in nine languages. Twenty plus encyclopedias and many thesauruses may be searched also.

Kids Click! Web search for kids by librarians --!/ -- Users search an alphabetical directory for information by topic.

Refdesk reference resource for kids – -- A homework site that divides subjects by grade level, reference for all grades, a quick reference guide as well as other numerous homework help sites and reference tools websites.

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