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December 2010
bullet point Bowl game stirs interest in Glendale historic sites (12-28-10)
bullet point HOA training series offered (12-28-10)
bullet point 2010 Year in Review (12-28-10)
bullet point City of Glendale & Midwestern University Celebrate 15 Year Successful Partnership (12-21-10)
bullet point City opens "treecycling" sites Dec. 27 (12-20-10)
bullet point City Of Glendale Creates New Playbook For 2011 Bowl Games (12-20-10)
bullet point First Annual ‘Dine & Glitter’ A Success! (12-17-10)
bullet point Public comment sought on judge reappointment (12-16-10)
bullet point Glendale Glitter & Glow Jan. 8 Features The Chadwicks (12-16-10)
bullet point Ideas for Holiday Guests (12-16-10)
bullet point Christmas, New Year’s Holiday Notice (12-14-10)
bullet point Glendale Receives Grants to Fund Transit Services for Residents (12-14-10)
bullet point Holiday-related trash hinders recycling efforts (12-14-10)
bullet point WEC Founder, Fighter Offer Insight on Women's Self-Defense Techniques Dec. 13 (12-10-10)
bullet point Dedication Ceremony for New Glendale Public Safety Memorial (12-8-10)
bullet point Glendale Uses Stimulus Funding to Rehabilitate and Sell Foreclosed Properties (12-2-10)
bullet point Keynote speaker announced for Martin Luther King Unity Day Luncheon (12-2-10)
bullet point Free Legislative Program to Keep Residents Informed (12-1-10)
bullet point Glendale Glitters Continues Celebration with Gingerbread Nights Dec. 3-4 (12-1-10)
November 2010
bullet point Glendale Students Recognized for Winning Recycling Art Contest (11-24-10)
bullet point Mayor Holding Community Meeting Dec. 9 (11-24-10)
bullet point Downtown Holiday Food Drive Culiminates In Spirit Of Giving Weekend Event (11-23-10)
bullet point Thanksgiving Holiday Notice (11-23-10)
bullet point AARP Tax Aide Site in Glendale Seeks Volunteers (11-22-10)
bullet point Glendale’s Centerline District Gets an Artistic Centerpiece (11-22-10)
bullet point Award Nomination Being Accepted for 2011 Promoting Inclusiveness Award (11-19-10)
bullet point Volunteers Needed for National Family Volunteer Day Nov. 20 (11-18-10)
bullet point Mayor to serve as restaurant maître d' at Dec. 3 event (11-9-10)
bullet point "So You Think You Can Dance" Champ Lauren Froderman Performs as part of Countdown to Glendale Glitters Stage Show (11-9-10)
bullet point Cell phones collected to aid domestic violence victims (11-8-10)
bullet point Councilmember Lieberman hosting community open house (11-4-10)
bullet point Glendale’s Community Housing Division Earns ‘High Performer’ Status For 16th Year (11-4-10)
bullet point Council Appoints Residents to Boards, Commissions (11-3-10)
bullet point Veterans Day Holiday notice (11-3-10)
bullet point Free '101' Training for Home Remodelers to Learn How to Build a Patio. (11-3-10)
bullet point Educational Institution Chooses Glendale for New Tech School and Headquarters (11-2-10)
bullet point ‘Project Green’ New T.V. Show Highlights Green in Glendale (11-01-10)
bullet point Glendale's Spring Training Facility Wins Award (11-01-10)
October 2010
bullet image Final Election Reminders from the Glendale City Clerk’s Office (10-29-10)
bullet image Downtown Glendale Lights Up with Spectacular Kickoff to its Holiday Tradition Nov. 26-27 (10-28-10)
bullet image Budget Bridal Fair Offers Smart Spending Options for Brides-to-Bride (10-28-10)
bullet image City offers HOA Training to Foster Community Harmony (10-27-10)
bullet image Glendale Lands Major Tenant with Southwest Ambulance in Centerline (10-27-10)
bullet image Glendale receives excellence in financial reporting award (10-27-10)
bullet image Everything’s Coming Up Roses at Glendale’s Holiday Open House November 13 (10-27-10)
bullet image Visitor Center Staff Kicks Up Heels in 10-Year Celebration of Serving Travelers From All Walks (10-26-10)
bullet image Glendale General Election One Week Away – Results Will Be Available on TV and Online (10-26-10)
bullet image Councilmember Clark Hosting Community Open House (10-22-10)
bullet image 'Dine & Glitter' Shared Holiday Party at Civic Center (10-21-10)
bullet image Glendale Airpark an Economic Boost at Nearly 100% Occupancy Rate (10-21-10)
bullet image Free workshop for teachers helps turn kids onto energy (10-21-10)
bullet image City Gains Funding, Certification to Help Residents 'Go Green' (10-20-10)
bullet image Final Reminders for Glendale’s General Election (10-20-10)
bullet image Recycle Your Electronics at November 13 Event (10-20-10)
bullet image Learn how to save energy in free class series (10-19-10)
bullet image Two Glendale Bus Route Changes Go Into Effect Oct. 25 (10-19-10)
bullet image Family of four can save $4,000 a year with library services (10-15-10)
bullet image Glendale Council Approves Important Rezoning in Sports and Entertainment District (10-15-10)
bullet image Councilmember Lieberman hosting two upcoming community meetings (10-14-10)
bullet image City loans tools for community volunteer projects (10-7-10)
bullet image Columbus Day Holiday Notice (10-7-10)
bullet image Traffic reminder for Sunday's Cardinals game (10-7-10)
bullet image Councilmember Martinez hosting community meeting (10-7-10)
bullet image Glendale Offers Two Glendale University Graduate Classes (10-4-10)
bullet image Free classes focus on landscaping, energy use (10-4-10)
bullet image City Council appoints Board, Commission Members (10-4-10)
bullet image Mayor hosting community meetings next week (10-1-10)
bullet image Vice Mayor Steven Frate is hosting a community meeting on Oct. 13 (10-1-10)
September 2010
bullet image October 4th -- Last Day to Register For Glendale’s General Election (9-29-10)
bullet image Glendale Council Adopts Resolution Asking Feds To Support Police & Fire in National Communications Issue (9-29-10)
bullet image Cooler Weather Brings Out Shoppers For Glendale October Events (9-29-10)
bullet image West Valley Company Relocates to Glendale & Provides Training Tools to Glendale Fire Department (9-28-10)
bullet image Rock & Roll Paint-a-thon seeks applicants, volunteers to paint homes (9-28-10)
bullet image $1.2 million in grants to improve roadway congestion, air quality (9-27-10)
bullet image Councilmember Knaack Holding Community Meeting October 7 (9-23-10)
bullet image Glendale Recipient of Prestigious International Festival Awards (9-23-10)
bullet image Free Class for HOAs: How to Collect Delinquent Assessments and other Economic Survival Tips (9-23-10)
bullet image Important traffic information for Sunday's Cardinals game (9-22-10)
bullet image City Offers Free Energy Classes (9-16-10)
bullet image Five New Glendale Restaurants Show Economic Optimism (9-13-10)
bullet image Glendale receives three Arizona festival industry awards (9-13-10)
bullet image This Friday Nite Lights is an Affair to Remember (9-13-10)
bullet image Glendale Receives Three Arizona Festival Industry Awards (9-10-10)
bullet image Ballet Under the Stars (9-10-10)
bullet image Glendale offers new City Court course for Glendale University grads (9-10-10)
bullet image Historic Glendale neighborhood receives improvements thanks to stimulus funding (9-10-10)
bullet image Glendale offers free green living workshop series this fall (9-7-10)
bullet image Glendale receives federal funding for countdown pedestrian signals (9-3-10)
bullet image Two Emmy Nominations for Glendale’s TV Station (9-3-10)
August 2010
bullet image Glendale Announces Special Council Meeting to Approve Runoff Election (8-31-10)
bullet image Glendale issues revised policy for new utility account holders (8-27-10)
bullet image Calling all Teddy Bears for National Teddy Bear Day Event on September 11 (8-25-10)
bullet image Education and Healthcare Leading Industries for Glendale’s Fiscal Year in Review (8-23-10)
bullet image Free '101' Training for Home Remodelers to Learn About Building Permits and Rebates (8-23-10)
bullet image Glendale Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Annual Luncheon Sept. 16 (8-18-10)
bullet image Glendale Election Updates: Early Ballots Due on or Before Election Day & Results on TV & Web Coverage (8-17-10)
bullet image International SWANA Road-E-O Competition at Stadium (8-17-10)
bullet image Commission Green Lights Next Step for Glendale Avenue Facelift (8-11-10)
bullet image Glendale and Southwest Ambulance Join Forces on Centerline (8-9-10)
bullet image Important Traffic Information for Upcoming Cardinals Games (8-3-10)
bullet image Upcoming Election Info (8-3-10)
July 2010
bullet image Monsoon Safety Reminders (7-30-10)
bullet image Air Force Selects Luke Air Force Base for F-35 (7/29/10)
bullet image Friday Nite Lights is Going to the Dogs (6-26-10)
bullet image Glendale Avenue Overlay Project (7-23-10)
bullet image Glendale University (7-18-10)
bullet image Glendale Employee Elected to Statewide Leadership Position (7-15-10)
bullet image Jacket Drive (7-7-10)
bullet image Primary Election Information (7-6-10)
bullet image 4th of July Holiday Notice (7-1-10)
June 2010
bullet image Christmas in July Historic Downtown Glendale July 17 (6-30-10)
bullet image Thunderbird Park Early Closure (6-29-10)
bullet image 2010 Spark Awards Recognize Residents Who Provide 'Spark' to the Community (6-29-10)
bullet image Low-Income Families may be eligible for repairs on A/C units or evaporative coolers (6-29-10)
bullet image Northfield Historic District Nominated to National Register of Historic Place (6-29-10)
bullet image Residents appointed to city advisory groups (6-29-10)
bullet image Glendale makes improvements to popular regional parks (5-24-10)
bullet image Restoration in Historic Downtown Glendale Preserves City’s Heritage (6-24-10)
bullet image Glendale Selected by Canadian Company for New Solar Manufacturing Facility (6-24-10)
bullet image New Keynote Speaker Announced for Neighborhood Leadership Forum June 26 (6-24-10)
bullet image Council Approves Important Rezoning in Glendale Sports and Entertainment District (6-24-10)
bullet image Monsoon Safety TV Show Featured on Glendale 11 TV (6-23-10)
bullet image City Manager Ed Beasley will Deliver Keynote at Leadership Forum Saturday June 26 (6-23-10)
bullet image Win Prizes in Glendale's Centennial Envelope Twitter Hunt! (6-17-10)
bullet image Glendale Avenue Road Improvement Project Begins (6-17-10)
bullet image Glendale is Ready as Monsoon Begins (6-16-10)
bullet image New LED traffic signal lights (6-16-10)
bullet image Starlets and Stripes at Centennial Nite Light (6-15-10)
bullet image City Council Approves Strategic Goals for FY11 (6-9-10)
bullet image Councilmember Steve Frate Appointed Vice Mayor (6-9-10)
bullet image Glendale Invites Businesses to Join New Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (6-9-10)
bullet image City of Glendale Approves Proposal From Potential Buyer for the NHL Coyotes Team (6-9-10)
bullet image Water Watchers Program (6-8-10)
bullet image New TV Show Takes Viewers on Culinary Journey throughout Glendale (6-8-10)
bullet image Glendale Announces Glendale Convention & Visitors Bureau – First in the West Valley (6-8-10)
bullet image Glendale Parks and Recreation Master Plan update (6-8-10)
bullet image Notice of Public Hearings for Proposed 2010-2011 Budget & Tax Levy (6-4-10)
bullet image Glendale Mayor, M&I Bank President to kickoff fundraiser tomorrow to restore historic Glendale landmark (6-2-10)
bullet image Exciting Hypnotism and Magic Show, Mystified Fun (6-2-10)
May 2010
bullet image Glendale's Centennial Birthday Bash Includes Three Days of Festivities June 17-19 (5-26-10)
bullet image Summer Downtown Glendale Deals (5-26-10)
bullet image Memorial Day Holiday Notice (5-26-10)
bullet image Building Safety Permits on the Rise (5-16-10)
bullet image Summer Band Concert Series (5-17-10)
bullet image Nominate a resident, business or group for Neighborhood Spark Award by June 1 (5-14-10)
bullet image Glendale Posts Online Survey for Parks & Recreation Master Plan Update (5-14-10)
bullet image National Homeowner Workshop (5-14-10)
bullet image National Public Works Week Celebrates Dedicated Employees (5-12-10)
bullet image MYAC Recruitment (5-12-10)
bullet image Glendale Lights, Summer Nights and P.J.’s Too! (5-5-10)
bullet image Councilmember Lieberman hosting community meeting next week (5-5-10)
bullet image National Tourism Week (5-4-10)
April 2010
bullet image 2010 Census Takers Go Door-to-Door (4-30-10)
bullet image 45,000 attend Glendale's 27th annual Jazz & Blues Festival (4-30-10)
bullet image All Aboard for a Glendale Historical Journey: 2010 Centennial Historic Preservation Bus Tours (4-27-10)
bullet image Final Week for City Sales Tax Amnesty Program (2-27-10)
bullet image Mother's Day Activities (2-22-10)
bullet image City announces Water Treatment Tour for Glendale University grads (4-21-09)
bullet image Public Hearing for Updated Glendale Zoning Ordinance (4-21-09)
bullet image Parks & Recreation Survey Goes Out to Glendale Citizens (4-20-09)
bullet image Glendale Brings “Law Day” to High School Students (4-20-09)
bullet image Glendale Volunteers Provide Economic Value of More Than $2.5 Million
bullet image Glendale Sets Record For Visitors During Busy Month Of March (4-19-10)
bullet image Parks & Recreation Master Plan Update Community Workshop (4-16-10)
bullet image Glendale Family Campout (4-15-10)
bullet image Glendale Enters Midway Point of City Sales Tax Amnesty Program (4-15-10)
bullet image Jazz and Blues Festival Will Include Interactive Art Component (4-12-10)
bullet image Fair Housing Survey 2010 (4-9-10)
bullet image Councilmember Lieberman hosting community meetings (4-7-10)
bullet image Renowned Jazz artists to perform in downtown Glendale April 17-18 (4-7-10)
bullet image Northern Avenue closes April 9-12 for storm drain project (4-6-10)
bullet image Glendale Celebrates Coyotes Playoff Spirit! (4-6-10)
bullet image Glendale announces blues headliners for 27th annual Jazz & Blues Festival (4-2-10)
bullet image Glendale Selected By DeVry University for 4th Arizona Campus (4-1-10)
bullet image Code Compliance officers advice on keeping neighborhoods safe, clean (4-1-10)
March 2010
bullet image Neighborhood Input on Federal Funding Plans (3-31-10)
bullet image Record-Breaking Weekend in Glendale (3-29-10)
bullet image Boards and Commission Appointments (3-26-10)
bullet image WrestleMania® Ticket Promotion Results (3-26-10)
bullet image WrestleMania® Week is underway (3-26-10)
bullet image Spring Safety Fair (3-25-10)
bullet image Voter and Early Voter Registration Opportunities for Glendale Residents (3-25-10)
bullet image Glendale receives federal stimulus funding for energy efficiency improvements (3-25-10)
bullet image Glendale Announces City Sales Tax Amnesty Program (3-25-10)
bullet image City of Glendale No Longer Considered a Site for Correctional Facility (3-24-10)
bullet image Glendale Celebrates Longtime Volunteers During National Volunteer Month (3-24-10)
bullet image Residents’ Input Sought On Glendale’s Onboard Transportation Program (3-24-10)
bullet image Glendale Public Relations Office Tweets about Glendale (3-22-10)
bullet image Sunday, March 28th Traffic Notice - Concert and Wrestlemania (3-17-10)
bullet image 2010 Census – 10 Questions, 10 Minutes That Benefit Glendale (3-17-10)
bullet image Sahuaro Ranch Park Entrance Closed (3-16-10)
bullet image Golf Tournament benefits programs (3-16-10)
bullet image Wrestlemania is Coming (3-12-10)
bullet image Folk & Heritage Festival to be held March 20 & 21 (3-12-10)
bullet image Eggventure in Downtown Glendale (3-12-10)
bullet image Glendale Prevails Over the Tohono O’ Odham Nation In Annexation Lawsuit (3-11-10)
bullet image Glendale's Green Festival Partners with Glendale Family Bike Ride March 27 (3-9-10)
bullet image Councilmembers Clark and Lieberman Appointed to Serve on Key Committees (3-9-10)
bullet image Barrel District Town Talk (3-9-10)
bullet image "Glendale’s Got Game: The Making of Camelback Ranch” Debuts on Glendale 11 (3-9-10)
bullet image Glendale's 15th Annual Chocolate Affaire a Sweet Success (3-5-10)
bullet image Glendale Offers Free Legislative Program to Keep Residents Informed (3-5-10)
bullet image Glendale University Grads Can Sign Up for Tour of Public Safety Training Center (3-5-10)
bullet image New Pedestrian Countdown Signals Result of Councilmembers' Actions (3-4-10)
bullet image Large Crowds in El Mirage, Surprise Support F-35 at Luke AFB (3-2-10)
bullet image Councilmember Goulet hosting community get together (3-2-10)
bullet image First-time home buyers in Glendale may qualify for down payment assistance loan (3-2-10)
bullet image Glendale seeks nominations for César Chávez Award (3-2-10)
bullet image Glendale’s Got Adventure with New TV Show (3-2-10)
February 2010
bullet image Glendale Selected by Humana – a Fortune 100 Company (2-24-10)
bullet image Glendale’s New Regional Travel Planner Connects Visitors with Tourist Opportunities (2-23-10)
bullet image Glendale Centennial Plein Air Painting Winners (2-23-10)
bullet image Dispose of Hazardous Waste Properly with Free Pick-up Service (2-22-10)
bullet image Touch a Truck Event (2-18-10)
bullet image Glendale Planning Director Named Arizona Planning Association President (2-18-10)
bullet image Judge Rules in Glendale's Favor in Goldwater Public Records Request Case (2-16-10)
bullet image The Mayor’s State of the City Address will take place on February 23 (2-11-10)
bullet image Upcoming traffic information for IMS Marathon Feb. 14 (2-11-10)
bullet image Councilmember Frate to host community event (2-10-10)
bullet image New Shop Glendale Discounts Added Just in Time for Valentine’s Day (2-8-10)
bullet image President’s Day Holiday Notice (2-8-10)
bullet image New $10 Million Glendale Health Care Facility (2-8-10)
bullet image Parents Night Out (2-8-10)
bullet image Glendale Civic Center receives WeddingWire's Bride's Choice Award (2-8-10)
bullet image Glendale Launches Online Video Library for Council Meetings and More (2-1-10)
January 2010
bullet image Glendale offers From the Heart workshop for non-profit agencies (1-29-10)
bullet image City Council appoints residents to serve on advisory boards and commissions (1-28-10)
bullet image National Recovery Act Brings Local Improvements to Historic Downtown Glendale (1-27-10)
bullet image New component to Chocolate Affaire celebrates arts, Centennial (1-26-10)
bullet image The Citrus Zestival scheduled for Saturday, January 23. is now going to be held Saturday, January 30 (1-26-10)
bullet image Glendale Visitor Center is excited to host a WWE® Superstar appearance (1-26-10)
bullet image Glendale Glitters season a shining success, drawing more than a quarter of a million people (1-21-10)
bullet image Glendale begins ARRA project for historic neighborhood (1-21-10)
bullet image Chocolate Affaire (1-21-10)
bullet image Jan 23rd - Glendale WrestleMania Team up for Literacy (1-19-10)
bullet image Teen Youth Leader Awarded with 2010 Promoting Inclusiveness Award (1-15-10)
bullet image Glendale Historic Preservation Commission Seeks Nominations (1-14-10)
bullet image Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Notice (1-13-10)
bullet image MLK Luncheon - Tickets are still available for this event on January 15 (1-7-10)
bullet image Glendale's Citrus Zestival on Jan. 23 Celebrates Citrus (1-7-10)
bullet image Debuts Centennial Cookbook (1-7-10)
bullet image
bullet image Annual Foothills Health Fair (1-5-10)
bullet image Fiesta Bowl Success in Glendale (1-5-10)



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