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Science Fiction

Alexander, Lloyd - Time cat: the remarkable journeys of Jason and Gareth (206 pages) Gareth's "definitely" not an ordinary cat. For one thing, he can talk. For another, he's got the power to travel through time. And the instant he tells this to Jason, the two of them are in ancient Egypt, on the first of nine amazing adventures that Jason will never forget!

Ames, Mildred - Anna to the infinite Power – (198 pages) A 12-year-old math whiz accidentally learns the startling facts about her true identity and her role in an important secret experiment.

Antilles, Ken – Star Trek, Deep Space 9 series Before your favorite DS9 characters were even on DS9 they were children attending the Starfleet Academy, follow their adventures in this series for kids and teens.

Asimov, Janet –

• Norby series (100-140 pages) Jeff and his mixed-up robot, Norby, get involved in different adventures in each book.
• Package in Hyperspace (84 pages) Twelve-year-old Ginnela and her younger brother Pete find themselves trapped on a disabled spaceship and must figure out how to survive.

Asch, Frank – Journey to Terezor (160 pages) During a devastating flood, Matt and his parents are transported to a mysterious planet inhabited by other misplaced earthlings and ruled by robots where Matt teams up with two young geniuses in an effort to escape back to Earth.

Bawden, Nina - Off the road (187 pages) In 2040, eleven-year-old Tom follows his grandfather through the Wall and into the forbidden Wild, where they seek to find his grandfather's boyhood home.

Bell, Clare – Tomorrow’s Sphinx (292 pages) Two unusual black cheetahs share a mental link, one cat coming from the past to reveal scenes from his life with the young pharaoh Tutankhamen, and one struggling to survive in a future world ravaged by ecological disaster.

Blackwood, Gary L. – Beyond the Door (166 pages) Teenagers Scott and Tully find an unused study room in the library which is actually a doorway into an alternate world, where an outcast is pursuing dangerous experiments to increase his control over the emerging technology of his universe.

Bonham, Frank – Forever Formula (181 pages) A 17-year-old lying in a hospital bed wonders if he has a brain tumor or is suffering from hallucinations. The truth is startling and incredible, and most of all, dangerous.

Brennan, Herbie - Mystery machine (91 pages) While retrieving his lost soccer ball, Hubert discovers a newly built toolshed in the garden of his nasty neighbor, Mrs. Pomfrey-Parkinson. Inside it is a weird machine with a tangle of electrical cables, and a screen with tiny pinpoints of flashing colored light. When Hubert presses one of the buttons, presto! he finds himself on a huge spaceship.

Brittain, Bill –

• Shape-changer (108 pages) Two seventh-grade friends help a shape-changing policeman from the planet Rodinam as he tries to recapture an alien master criminal who can also change form.
• Wings (135 pages) Twelve-year-old Ian has sprouted wings, and not even the doctors know why. Shunned by his family, he finds solace in a fellow outsider named Anita, who takes him to her home in the mountains. There he finds the strength to fly and the love to survive while he makes a painful decision -- should he keep his wings and his gift of fight, or remove them and become like everyone else?

Burgess, Melvin - Earth giant (150 pages) During a huge storm, a tree is ripped from the ground and Amy knows the giant has been unearthed. Amy and Giant have a deep, mysterious connection and can communicate without words, but Amy's older brother, Peter, can't understand Giant at all. As Amy tries to protect Giant until she can return to her planet, Peter is both fascinated and frightened. Will he tell their parents and put everyone in danger?

Butler, Susan- Hermit thrush sings (282 pages) After a natural disaster has all but destroyed the earth, the orphaned and "defective" Leora, while searching for her sister, defies the oppressive laws of the land and joins a band of rebels trying to overthrow the government.


Cameron, Eleanor - Wonderful flight to the Mushroom Planet (214 pages) A mystery man inspires two boys to build a space ship which takes them to the planet of Basidium to help the Mushroom people.

Caraker, Mary - Faces of Ceti (201 pages) Teenage Maya and the other colonists on the planet Ceti try to resist being taken over by another hostile Earth colony on a neighboring world, while debating how to treat the native, possibly intelligent creatures called hlur.

Carey, Diane - Cadet Kirk (Part of Star Trek Starfleet Academy series)
Before your favorite Star Trek Original series were aboard the Starship Enterprise, they attended Starfleet Academy, follow Kirk in his adventures from this series written for kids and teens.

Chetwin, Grace –

• Crystal stair: from tales of Gom in the legends of Ulm (225 pages) Sequel to: Riddle & the rune. Temporarily reunited with his wizard mother, Gom learns the identity of his evil nemesis Katak and finds himself a key figure in the battle to save the world of Ulm from destruction.
• Friends in time (127 pages) Unhappy about her family's upcoming move, twelve-year-old Emma wishes for a friend and is suddenly confronted with a spoiled, lonely girl transported from the 1850s by a mysterious doll.
• Gom on Windy Mountain (206 pages) Book 1 in the Tales of Gom in the Legends of Ulm series. Gom, the son of a poor woodcutter and his wife, grows up with his father after his mother leaves home and his siblings go to stay with townsfolk and discovers he has unusual abilities which bring him trouble, yet lead him to envision a different sort of life for himself.

Christopher, John -

• Dusk of Demons (175 pages) In a future world where civilization has collapsed, fourteen-year-old Ben sets out on a journey to discover his birthright, and meets members of a technologically advanced remnant, who use machines to foster belief in Demons among the people of Ben's homeland.
• Empty world (134 pages) When a deadly virus kills off most of the world's population, a teenaged boy tries to survive in a seemingly empty England.
• Fireball Trilogy:
1. Fireball (148 pages) Two boys are drawn by a fireball into a society, parallel to 20th- century England, which has many of the characteristics of Roman Britain.
2. New found land (135 pages) Sequel to Fireball. Encountering a fireball which turns out to be a crossing point between their world and another one on a different probability track, two boys, one English and one American, face Indians, Vikings and Aztecs in their attempts to reach California.
3. Dragon dance (139 pages) Sequel to: New found land. Simon and Brad's fireball adventures take them to ancient China where they are exposed to incredible practices of mind control.

Christopher, John -

• When the Tripods came (151 pages) Prequel to the White Mountains Trilogy. Fourteen-year-old Laurie and his family attempt to flee England when the Tripods descend from outer space and begin brainwashing everyone with their hypnotic Caps.
• White Mountains trilogy (series)
1. White Mountains (184 pages) Will Parker lives in an enslaved world. Long ago, the Tripods - huge, three-legged machines - descended upon Earth and took control. People no longer understand automation nor machines, and unquestionably accept the Tripods' power.
2. City of gold and lead (185 pages) Three boys set out on a secret mission to penetrate the City of the Tripods and learn more about these strange beings that rule the earth.
3. Pool of fire (178 pages) Will and a small group of free people plan to destroy the three great cities of the Tripods before the arrival of a space ship destined to doom the planet.

Cooper, Clare – Ashar of Qarius (163 pages) When alien creatures attack the Earth colony on the planet Plioctis, a small group of stranded children and their pets must depend for survival upon an unknown form of artificial intelligence that speaks to them through their computer Grandpa.

Covile, Bruce –

• Aliens Ate My Homework (179 pages) Everyone knows young Rod cannot tell a lie, but when he claims aliens ate his homework, no one believes him, which is just as well, since he is sworn to silence about their mission.
• Aliens Stole My Body (220 pages) Rod Allbright's body has been stolen by BKR, the most fiendish villian in the galaxy, which leaves Rod to share the body of a one-eyed blue alien named Seymour.
• Forever begins tomorrow (200 pages) When it comes down to adults versus kids, who's going to believe a group of kids - even if they are geniuses? That's the problem the A.I. Gang faces when they find themselves locked in their death-defying final showdown with the mysterious Black Glove.
• I Was A Sixth Grade Alien Series (164-170 pages) Adventures of Alien Pleskit Meenom and his friend Tim Tompkins.
• My Teacher Is an Alien series (119-162 pages) Humorous stories in which students discover that their teachers are not as they appear. Each title is stand alone
• Space Brat series (68-88) Humorous adventures series featuring Space Brat Blork and his friends.

Dahl, Roald – Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (159 pages) Taking up where Charlie and the Chocolate Factory leaves off, Charlie, his family, and Mr. Wonka find themselves launched into space in the great glass elevator.

Danzinger, Paula - This Place Has No Atmosphere (156 pages) Welcome to the year 2057, where we live in malls and take classes in ESP. Aurora's family is moving to the moon. How can she find a boyfriend in a place with only 750 people?

DeAndrea, William L. – Night of the living yogurt (104 pages) Jon, Emma, and Michael question the weird occurrences happening around the school, and suspect that aliens are involved. Could a school project involving making yogurt really be possessed by an alien life form?

DeAndrea, William L. –

• Pizza that time forgot (120 pages) The terrible Twisters, who aim to take over Earth, return, and Gemma, Jon, and Michael find themselves in a time warp once again. The tree starts to shake and grow out of control, but that's not the only weird thing. An alien twister is outside eating their pizza, Gemma's house is gone and somehow they've traveled to 1899! They're desperate to get home, but first they have to save the town from twister destruction.
• When dinosaurs ruled the basement (104 pages) Jon Parlo and his friends discover a time warp in Jon's basement that transports them back in time 150 million years where they discover an evil plot to take over the earth.

DeWeese, Gene –

• Black Suits from Outer Space (144 pages) Two young people meet a visitor from outer space who badly needs their help.
• Dandelion caper (159 pages) Having rescued many stranded "tourists" from outer space, Walter and his friend Kathy are unprepared for the evil aliens they encounter in an abandoned house and the strange cat with unusual powers that comes to their rescue.

Dexter, Catherine - Alien game (204 pages) From the moment Christina Blake appears, Zoe feels something strange and scary about the girl who looks like she's been cloned directly from a fashion catalog.

Duane, Diane – High Wizardry (269 pages) When her younger sister uses the family computer with its special wizard software to travel to worlds light years away, Nita uses her wizardry to try to find her.

Duffey, Betsy - Alien for rent (71 pages) When a small fuzzy alien appears at their school, third graders J.P. and Lexie accidentally direct his powers against the bully Bruce and things get out of control.

Etra, Johathan –

• Aliens for Breakfast (62 pages) Finding an intergalactic special agent in his cereal box, Richard joins the extraterrestrial in a fight to save Earth from the Dranes, one of whom is masquerading as a student in Richard's class.
• Aliens for Lunch (62 pages) When their bag of microwave popcorn explodes and a space alien emerges, Richard and Henry join him on a top secret interstellar mission to save the desserts of the universe.

French, Vivian –

• Space Dog finds treasure (59 pages) Mischievous space pirates, led by the wicked Eyepatch, plan to steal a princess's birthday treasure-chest surprise. Will Space Dog be able to foil their dastardly plans? Never fear when Space Dog is near!
• Space Dog to the rescue (60 pages) The sun is up, and the moons are sleeping -- all except one. Beeper Moon is crying great, gooey tears that are dripping all over Planet Beep. Will everyone on planet Beep drown in green cheese? Not if Space Dog comes to the rescue!

Gaarder, Jostein - Hello? Is anybody there? (143 pages) While waiting for the birth of his baby brother, Joe is visited by a strange child from another planet, and the two discover that they, and their planets, share many similarities as well as differences.

Gallagher, Diana G. – Star Trek, Deep Space 9 series Before your favorite DS9 characters were even on DS9 they were children attending the Starfleet Academy, follow their adventures in this series for kids and teens.

Gauthier, Gail - Club Earth (152 pages) When their house becomes a vacation resort for aliens from other planets, Robby and Will enjoy the excitement before finally finding a way to get rid of their free-loading guests.

Gerrold, David - Chess with a dragon (207 pages) Humanity tries to escape enslavement by intergalactic aliens.

Gilden, Mel -

• Harry Newberry and the Raiders of the Red Drink (151 pages) Comic-book fan Harry becomes convinced that his mother is really the super hero Tuatara especially when he tries to help her fight the evil Bonnie Android.
• Planetoid of Amazement (215 pages) Following strange instructions that come in the mail, fourteen-year-old Rodney meets two furry aliens who are collecting artifacts for an intergalactic museum, the House of Amazement on Hutzenklutz Station.
• Star Trek, Deep Space 9 series Before your favorite DS9 characters were even on DS9 they were children attending the Starfleet Academy, follow their adventures in this series for kids and teens.
• Return of Captain Conquer (153 pages) Thirteen-year-old Watson Congruent and a group of fans dedicated to an old science fiction television series discover an alien plot to conquer the world.

Greenburg, Dan – Zack Files

Greer, Gery – Jason and the aliens down the street (94 pages) Jason meets Cooper Vor and Lootna, aliens from space now living on Earth, and travels with them to a distant planet in an attempt to retrieve a stolen energy crystal.

Greer, Gery –

• Max and me and the time machine (114 pages) Steve buys a time machine at a garage sale and takes his friend Max to the year 1250, where they land in the middle of a jousting match, with the fierce Sir Bevis as an enemy. Braille. Los Angeles, Calif. : Braille Institute of America.
• Max and me and the Wild West (138 pages) Steve and his friend Max use their time machine to return to the richest, roughest boom town in the old Wild West where they pursue Gentleman John Hooten, the Rhyming Robber of the Rockies.

Griffin, Peni R. - Otto from otherwhere (182 pages) A ten-year-old alien boy travels through an interdimensional doorway to enter the lives of fifth grader Paula and her boisterous family for a year.

Griffith, Helen V. - Journal of a teenage genius (121 pages) In a series of journal entries, a young scientist describes his less-than-successful experiments and trips into the past using his neighbor's time machine.

Haas, Dorothy F. - Secret life of Dilly McBean (202 pages) After being orphaned at an early age and spending years in boarding schools, Dilly begins a new life in a real house in a small town, developing secret magnetic powers under the tutelage of a kindly professor, until he is kidnapped by a madman who plans to control the world with a computer.

Haddix, Margaret Peterson - Among the hidden (153 pages) In a future where the Population Police enforce the law limiting a family to only two children, Luke has lived all his twelve years in isolation and fear on his family's farm, until another "third" convinces him that the government is wrong.

Heinlein, Robert A. - Time for the stars (244 pages) For a telepathic twin on an exploratory space voyage only a few years pass, yet, when he returns to Earth his brother is ready to celebrate his ninetieth birthday.

Hill, Douglas Arthur –

• Huntsman (132 pages) An unusual foundling who has grown up as the adopted son of a huntsman sets off on a quest to rescue his family from alien begins.
• Warriors of the wasteland (130 pages) Second vol. of a trilogy of which the 1st is The huntsman. Finn Ferral the huntsman and his Bloodkin friend Baer approach the Wastelands in their relentless search for Finn's foster sister Jena, captive of the Slavers, while they are pursued in turn by the malevolent Claw.

Hoover, H. M. –

• Away is a strange place to be (167 pages) When she is kidnapped from the Earth in 2349 to serve as slave labor on an artificial world under construction, twelve-year-old Abby must cooperate with her fellow prisoner Bryan, a spoiled rich boy, in order to plan an escape.
• Delikon (148 pages) Many generations after the Delikons have conquered and reordered Earth, their system of power and organization begins to crumble.
• Only (122 pages) Twelve-year-old Cody discovers that the Terran Corporation, in colonizing the planet Patma, is illegally destroying the intelligent native inhabitants, giant insectlike creatures with their own language and religion.
• Orvis (186 pages) On an Earth that has become an inhospitable wilderness, Toby and her friend Thaddeus find themselves lost in "the empty" with Orvis, an obsolete robot who is their only hope of protection and escape.
• This time of darkness (161 pages) Although both know it is forbidden, Amy and Axel hope that by following the countless ramps leading upward they can escape from their filthy subterranean world.

Howarth, Lesley –

• MapHead: the return (236 pages) MapHead, a boy with strange powers from a parallel dimension, finds himself alone without his father for the first time and returns to Rubytown to find his own destiny.
• Weather eye (224 pages) It is the dawn of the twenty-first century and all around the earth the weather is rapidly changing. A violent wind sends a piece of farm equipment twisting through the air, nearly killing thirteen-year-old Telly Craven. When she awakens, she is changed -- and she knows what she must do.

Hughes, Monica –

• Golden Aquarians (182 pages) Walt Elliot goes with the father he hasn't seen for years to the planet Aqua, where he discovers that his father's project threatens the existence of a highly intelligent native species.
• Invitation to the game (183 pages) Unemployed after high school in the highly robotic society of 2154, Lisse and seven friends resign themselves to a boring existence in their "Designated Area" until the government invites them to play The Game.

Hughes, Monica – Keeper of the Isis light (136 pages) Sixteen-year-old Olwen, who lives alone on the planet Isis with her faithful robot, falls tragically in love with an arrival from earth who is unaware that her natural form has been hidden in a humanlike space suit.

Hughes, Ted - Iron giant: a story in five nights (79 pages) The fearsome iron giant becomes a hero when he challenges a huge space monster. Based on the movie.

Jones, Diana Wynne –

• Homeward Bounders (224 pages) Once he becomes a pawn in a game played by a powerful group he calls them, 12-year-old Jamie is repeatedly catapulted through space and time.
• Tale of Time City (268 pages) In 1939 an eleven-year-old London girl is kidnapped to Time City, a place existing outside the stream of time and manipulating the history of humanity, where she finds the inhabitants facing their worst hour of crisis.

Karl, Jean - Strange tomorrow (135 pages) After an alien power wipes out most of life on Earth, a small band of humans must struggle to survive.

King-Smith, Dick - Harriet's hare (104 pages) A young girl's life with her father on their farm in England is changed when she befriends a talking hare that is really a shape-changing alien.

Klause, Annette Curtis - Alien Secrets (227 pages) On her journey to the distant planet where her parents are working, twelve-year-old Puck befriends a troubled alien and becomes involved in a dangerous mystery involving a precious artifact.


L’engle, Madeline –

• Many Waters (310 pages) The fifteen-year-old Murry twins, Sandy and Dennys, are accidentally sent back to a strange Biblical time period, in which mythical beasts roam the desert and a man named Noah is building a boat in preparation for a great flood.
• Wind in the door (211 pages) With Meg Murry's help, the dragons her six-year-old brother saw in the vegetable garden play an important part in his struggle between life and death. Dragons ? Not really, but an entity, a being stranger by far than dragons; and the encounter with this alien creature is only the first step that leads Meg, Calvin, and Mr. Jenkins out into galactic space, and then into the unimaginably small world of a mitochondrion. And, at last, safely, triumphantly, home. (sequel to Wrinkle in Time)
• Wrinkle in Time (211 pages) Newbery award title. Meg Murry and her friends become involved with unearthly strangers and a search for Meg's father, who has disappeared while engaged in secret work for the government.

Lowry, Lois - Giver (180 pages) Newbery Award winner. No crime. No disease. No choices. Can Jonas pay the price for living in a perfect world?

Mackel, Kathy - Can of worms (146 pages) When a frustrated plea to the universe attracts a motley crew of aliens determined to rescue him, Mike Pillsbury decides he isn't quite ready to relinquish life on Earth. Will his visitors, who all have something at stake, let him stay?

Maguire, Gregory - I feel like the Morning Star (273 pages) Three teenagers in a post-holocaust survival colony find that their shelter has become a prison and decide to break out.

Mahy, Margaret -

• Aliens in the family (174 pages) Jake Raven, expecting to dislike her new stepsister and stepbrother, ends up helping them protect an alien from another dimension as he flees from mysterious pursuers with the ability to alter time.
• Greatest show off earth (186 pages) Delphinium spends her tenth birthday aboard a traveling space circus, fighting against the dark forces who are bent on stamping out fun.

McIntyre, Vonda N - Barbary (192 pages) Orphaned Barbary finds a new home on a space station but runs into difficulties trying to protect her pet cat Mickey.

McKillip, Patricia A. - Moon and the face (146 pages) Kyreol's mission to another planet and Terje's trip to observe their old river home both meet with unexpected dangers and an eventual melding of very different cultures.

Norton, Andre - Star Ka'ats and the winged warriors (123 pages) The Star Ka'ats make an interplanetary journey to another ka'at colony where life forms have grown to monstrous proportions and nearly exterminated the ka'at colonists.

O'Brien, Robert C. - Z for Zachariah (249 pages) A young girl things that she is the only survival after the nuclear holocaust, until she sees smoke in the distance.
Out of time - stories compiled by Aidan Chambers (186 pages) A collection of ten futuristic stories by writers of young adult fiction, including Robert Westall and Joan Aiken.

Paton Walsh, Jill –

• Green Book (71 pages) When a group of Britons leave a dying Earth to live on the planet Shine, the adults find it inhospitable. Through the courage of the children, they are able to survive.
• Torch (175 pages) Cal and Dio set out, along with a few of their friends, on an extraordinary journey to discover the torch's true meaning and to find its home.

Paulsen, Gary –

• Transall Saga (248 pages) Mark is transported by a blue light to a primitive seeming world where he is enslaved by warring tribes.
• White Fox chronicles (281 pages) Having been imprisoned when the Confederation of Consolidated Republics, a foreign power, conquered Los Angeles in 2056, fourteen-year-old Cody escapes and endures hardship to become the underground hero the White Fox.

Peck, Richard –

• Great interactive dream machine (149 pages) Sequel to Lost in Cyberspace. Josh Lewis's best friend, Aaron Zimmer, has turned his computer into a wish-granting machine. Unfortunately, there are a few bugs in the system. Nobody knows when the computer will interactivate next! When a mysterious spy called The Watcher starts monitoring the boys' every move in cyberspace, the trouble begins...
• Lost in Cyberspace (151 pages) While dealing with changes at home, sixth-grader Josh and his friend Aaron use the computer at their New York prep school to travel through time, learning some secrets from the school's past and improving Josh's home situation.

Pedersen, Ted - Star trek, deep space nine series

Peel, John –

• 2099 series - The year is 2099. Doomsday is coming, the world is falling apart. Devon is the evil genius behind doomsday and Tristan is the normal kid whose top secret past holds the key to stopping Devon. Follow their adventures in this futuristic series.
• Diadem series – Diadem is the circuit of all worlds, three kids are taken from their worlds into a new dimension to try to save it from destruction. This 6 book series follows their adventures, see if they can escape.
• Outer Limits Series – based on the popular television series.
• Star Trek Deep Space Nine Series – based on the television series. Follow the adventures of Jake, Nog and their friends on Deep Space Nine.
Pinkwater, Daniel Manus -
• Borgel (170 pages) Melvin recounts his extraordinary adventures in time and space with his 111-year-old sort of great-Uncle Borgel.
• Fat men from Space (57 pages) Through his radio tooth, William learns of an invasion by spacemen who are taking all of earth's supply of junk food.
• Lizard music (157 pages) When left to take care of himself, a young boy becomes involved with a community of intelligent lizards who tell him of a little-known invasion from outer space.
• Ned Feldman, space pirate (47 pages) One day when Ned's parents are out, he meets Captain Lumpy Lugo, a space pirate who comes from the galaxy Foon-ping-baba, and they spend the afternoon travelling through outer space.

Reynolds, Alfred - Kiteman of Karanga (217 pages) Banished from his homeland for cowardice, Karl uses his kitewing glider to fly across the "endless" desert where he faces unkind odds against surviving, and ultimately reaches a new land which contains perils of its own.

Richemont, Enid - Glass bird (107 pages) On his way home from school, eight-year-old Adam discovers an unusual glass bird that seems to be alive and when he shares this discovery, he finds what he wants most, a friend.

Roberts, Willo Davis - Girl with the silver eyes (181 pages) A 10-year-old girl, who has always looked different from other children, discovers that she not only has unusual powers but that there are others like her.

Rubinstein, Gillian –

• Skymaze (183 pages) Sequel to Space Demons. Andrew, Mario, Elaine, and Ben are plummeted into a world of terror, when they become trapped in a computer game. Suddenly, they are characters on a screen, drawn into a network of shimmering images, battling unseen demons--and desperately trying to escape.
• Space demons (198 pages) Twelve-year-old Andrew, bored with life, becomes obsessed with a mysterious new computer game, which has the power to zap him and his friends into a dangerous world of menacing space warriors.

Russell, Sharman Apt. - Humpbacked fluteplayer (179 pages) While on a school field trip, May and Evan find themselves transported back in time and made slaves by one of the warring Indian tribes who lived in the Arizona desert long ago.

Ryan, Mary C. - Me two (179 pages) Lazy thirteen-year-old Wilf accidentally clones himself when a science experiment goes awry, and the clone proves to be more of a help than a hindrance.


Scieszka, Jon – Time Warp Trio (55-78 pages) Adventure series in which three friends Joe, Fred, and Sam are sent back in time to experience various events.

Scott, Deborah – Kid Who Got Zapped Through Time (154 pages) When Flattop Kincaid buys a used video game at a flea market, he finds himself in the Middle Ages among peasants who think he is a deranged member of the nobility.

Scott, Michael – Gemini Game (159 pages) When players of their virtual reality computer game fall into a coma, Liz and BJ O'Connor, teenage owners of a computer games company, flee from the police in an attempt to locate a copy of their game and correct the programming.

Second Sight: Stories for the New Millinium (119 pages)
This collection of eight short stories by such authors as Madeleine L'Engle, Richard Peck, Rita Williams-Garcia, and Nancy Springer explores the world's future through the eyes of teens.

Service, Pamela F. -

• Stinker from space (83 pages) An agent of the Sylon Confederacy, fleeing from enemy ships, crash lands on Earth, transfers his mind to the body of a skunk, and enlists the aid of two children in getting back to his home planet.
• Stinker's return (87 pages) Alien agent Tsynq Yr, still inhabiting the body of a skunk, returns to Earth and enlists Jonathan and Karen's help in finding a souvenir from Washington, D.C., for a threatening space despot. Sequel to "Stinker from Space."
• Under alien stars (214 pages) Jason resents his mother's friendliness toward the military commander of the alien forces that have subjugated Earth, until he finds himself and the commander's teenage daughter fighting on the same side against another, much deadlier alien race invading the solar system.
• Weirdos of the Universe, Unite! (136 pages) Dedicated weirdos Mandy and Owen accidentally summon up five mythological beings, who need their aid in defending Earth from space invaders.

Sheldon, Dyan -

• Harry and Chicken (77 pages) In Harry and Chicken, Chicken adopts a stray cat, Harry, who is actually an alien from the planet Arcana.
• Harry the explorer (79 pages) In Harry the explorer, Chicken's cat Harry takes her on an adventure that gets her into all kinds of trouble.
Shusterman, Neal
• Dark side of nowhere (185 pages) Las Vegas...it's not. For Jason Miller, Billington is the definition of dull. It's like he and his friends are trapped inside a Norman Rockwell painting. But a mysterious death changes that perception. The town has been keeping a secret. A dark secret that shatters his world and changes everything Jason thought he knew about himself...and who he is.
• Downsiders (246 pages) When fourteen-year-old Lindsay meets Talon and discovers the Downsiders world which had evolved from the subway built in New York in 1867 by Alfred Ely Beach, she and her new friend experience the clash of their two cultures.

Simons, Jamie – Goners series Four teens from the future time-travel to Earth. They’re aliens from the planet Roma, sudents at the Diplomatic Universal Headquarters, who accidentally stumble upon a failed peace mission to Earth and the secret of the “Goners”, alien missionaries who got trapped in time and left behind.

Skurzynski, Gloria – Virtual War (157 pages) War has become a computer game played on a universal scale, and Corgan is the fourteen-year-old genetically engineered to be the best at the game. When he meets his teammates, questions arise.

Sleator, William –

• Boltzmon! (150 pages) A boltzmon, remnant of a black hole, materializes in eleven-year-old Chris’s bedroom and transports him to a parallel world, where he encounters the bitter woman his overbearing older sister will become, after his death, if he cannot convince her to change.
• Boxes (196 pages) When she opens two strange boxes left in her care by her mysterious uncle, fifteen-year-old Annie discovers a swarm of telepathic creatures and unleashes a power capable of slowing down time
• Boy who reversed himself (167 pages) When Laura discovers that the unpopular boy living next door to her has the ability to go into the fourth dimension, she makes the dangerous decision to accompany him on his journeys there.
• House of stairs (166 pages) Five fifteen-year-old orphans of widely varying personality characteristics are involuntarily placed in a house of endless stairs as subjects for a psychological experiment on conditioned human response.
• Interstellar pig (197 pages) Barney's boring seaside vacation suddenly becomes more interesting when the cottage next door is occupied by three exotic neighbors who are addicted to a game they call "Interstellar Pig"
• Into the dream (137 pages) When two youngsters realize they are having the same frightening dream, they begin searching for an explanation for this mysterious coincidence.
• Night the heads came (154 pages) When aliens abduct both Leo and his artist friend Tim, Leo tries to determine why these creatures from outer space want particularly to use his friend's talent.

Slote, Alfred –

• Clone catcher (154 pages) In the twenty-first century Arthur Dunn is summoned to Australia to track down a runaway clone urgently needed to provide vital organ transplants for her parent, the superb actress Lady Kate.
• My robot buddy (92 pages) On Jack's tenth birthday, his parents give him just what he wants - a robot. The robot's name is Danny One, and he looks just like Jack, except for his stiff-in-the-knees robot walk. He can do everything Jack can do, from fourth-grade math to fishing, and much more besides. It's a good thing too, because Jack needs all the help he can get in order to foil an evil robotnapper!
• My Trip to Alpha I (96 pages) Voya-code is the most sophisticated form of interplanetary travel, it takes Jack only a few seconds to get to the planet where his aunt lives, six million light years away. Jack has gone to Alpha I to help his aunt move to Earth. But Aunt Katherine is acting very strangely, not like herself at all. And Frank and Ruth Arbo, the couple who manage her fantastically wealthy mining company, seem down-right sinister. What on Earth--or Alpha I--is going on?
• Omega Station (147 pages) Jack Jameson and his robot twin, Danny One, must save the universe from a mad scientist.

Slote, Alfred – Trouble on Janus (175 pages) Jack and his robot buddy, Danny One, set off for the planet Janus to rescue the young King Paul from his conniving uncle.

Spinner, Stephanie - Aliens for dinner (78 pages) Aric the alien returns to Earth to help Richard Bickerstaff save the world from an invasion of Dwilbs, pollution-loving aliens who want to turn the planet into a toxic theme park.

Standiford, Natalie –

• Space Dog and Roy (74 pages) Roy Barnes has always wanted a dog, but his father is allergic to dogs. Then, an alien from the planet Qrxztlq crashes in Roy's backyard. He looks just like a dog, and he agrees to act as Roy's dog so that his secret scouting mission to Earth will not be revealed.
• Space Dog and the pet show (74 pages) Roy decides to enter Space Dog in the local pet show, hoping he will act like a real dog instead of the extraterrestrial being that he is.
• Space Dog in trouble (74 pages) Second in the Space Dog series. Roy and his family go away for the weekend, and Space Dog is left on his own. In order to escape the attentions of Blanche the poodle, he runs out of the yard without his collar, and is picked up by the Save-a-Stray Animal Shelter. There, he is adopted by the Cranstons, and is forced to behave just like a dog.

Stevermer, Caroline - River rats (214 pages) Nearly twenty years after the holocaust called the Flash has destroyed modern civilization, Tomcat and a group of other orphans face danger as they steer an old steamboat over the toxic waters of the Mississippi River.

Strickland, Brad –

• Crisis on Vulcan (116 pages) Part of the Star Trek Starfleet Academy series. Before your favorite Star Trek Original series were aboard the Starship Enterprise, they attended Starfleet Academy, follow Spock in his adventures from this series written for kids and teens.
• Nova command (116 pages) Part of the Star Trek, the next generation Starfleet Academy series - Before your favorite Star Trek, the Next Generation characters were aboard the Starship Enterprise, they attended Starfleet Academy, follow Picard in his adventures from this series written for kids and teens.
• Starfall (111 pages) Part of the Star Trek, the next generation Starfleet Academy series - Before your favorite Star Trek, the Next Generation characters were aboard the Starship Enterprise, they attended Starfleet Academy, follow Picard in his adventures from this series written for kids and teens.
• Star ghost (118 pages) Part of the Star trek, deep space nine series

Tolan, Stephanie S. - Welcome to the Ark (250 pages) In a violent near future 4 teenagers, 2 girls and 2 boys, participate in an experiment, which may be the only hope for the future of Earth.

Thompson, Colin – Future Eden: A Brief History of Next Time (248 pages)
In the year 2287, with the human race dwindled to only a few thousand, Jay has survived on his wits with only his pet chicken Ethel for company. Now Ethel declares she is an all-powerful being from another galaxy, and that together the two will save the world.

Tomorrowland: Stories About the Future (193 pages)
A collection of ten stories about the future, by such authors as Lois Lowry, Katherine Paterson, and Jon Scieszka.

Vornholt, John - Aftershock (116 page) (Part of Star Trek Starfleet Academy series) Before your favorite Star Trek Original series were aboard the Starship Enterprise, they attended Starfleet Academy, follow McCoy in his adventures from this series written for kids and teens.

Westwood, Chris - Virtual world (217 pages) Fourteen-year-old Jack North finds himself literally drawn into the frightening world of what he thinks is a new virtual reality game.

Why I left Harry's all-night hamburgers, and other stories from Isaac Asimov's science fiction magazine (285 pages)

Wilkes, Marilyn Z. –
• C.L.U.T.Z. (120 page) Eleven-year-old Rodney makes a new friend when a broken-down robot with an almost human personality comes to work for his family.
• C.L.U.T.Z. and the fizzion formula (136 pages) Eleven-year-old Rodney, his guardian robot Clutz, and his dog Aurora are taken for industrial spies when they wander into a soda factory where a new secret product named Fizzion is being manufactured.

Windsor, Patricia - Blooding (281 pages) While spending the summer working as an au pair girl for a couple in England, Maris discovers that the husband is a werewolf intent on blooding her and making her one too.

Wisler, G. Clifton – Mind trap (118 pages) Scott's identity as a telepathic alien from another planet may be exposed when he's imprisoned in a research institute for psychic children run by a mysterious doctor.

Woolverton, Linda - Star wind (181 pages) Camden returns from a month at camp to find her best friend and other classmates frighteningly changed and devoted to a mysterious young man named WT-3.

Yep, Laurence – Sweetwater (201 pages)A boy and his people, colonists on the planet Harmony, try to save their way of life.

Yolen, Jane & Bruce Coville - Armageddon Summer (266 pages) In the year 2000, on July 27th, the world will end in fire. Will Jed and Marina be among the survivors?

2041 (222pages) 13 short stories about school life, fads, inventions, and cultural activities in the future by such authors as Connie Wells, Peg Kerr, and Bruce Coville. Selected by Jane Yolen.


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