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Press Room - Press Releases

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2007 Press Releases

December 2007
bullet image Councilmember Lieberman Appointed to National Council (12-22-07)
bullet image Glendale Glitters Winter Wonderland Weekend Dec. 28-29  (12-22-07)
bullet image Important Traffic Information for Upcoming Fiesta Bowl Game (12-21-07)
bullet image Last Minute Shopping in Downtown Glendale (12-20-07)
bullet image Glendale "Treecycling" sites (12-20-07)
bullet image Spirit of Giving Weekend Dec. 21-22 (12-14-07)
bullet image Glendale City Council Approves Neighborhood Improvement Grants (12-12-07)
bullet image Early Voting List Becomes Permanent in Maricopa County (12-10-07)
bullet image Water Watchers Program (12-10-07)
bullet image Glendale Glitters Jingle Bell Rockin' Nights (12-10-07)
bullet image Gingerbread Nights (12-4-07)
November 2007
bullet image Prop. 202 helps kids in need in Glendale - Clothing Drive awarded $30,000 (11-30-07)
bullet image Glendale Visitors Can Now Ride in Style (11-30-07)
bullet image Recognition of Glendale's Historic District Expands (11-29-07)
bullet image Glendale Visitor Center presents Shop, Dine and Show (11-26-07)
bullet image Glendale Offers Free Legislative Program to Keep Residents Informed (11-26-07)
bullet image Glendale Glitter & Glow Jan. 19 (11-19-07)
bullet image Baseball groundbreaking ceremony (11-19-07)
bullet image Glitters full weekend entertainment schedule (11-16-07)
bullet image Glendale hires new deputy intergovernmental programs director (11-13-07)
bullet image Glendale welcomes home Jordin Sparks to flip the switch at Glendale Glitters (11-13-07)
bullet image Recycling Cell Phones in Glendale (11-13-07)
bullet image Thunderbird Conservation Park 59th Ave (11-13-07)
bullet image It's the most wonderful time of the year - Glendale Glitters time! (11-5-07)
bullet image Glendale Collects Cell Phones in Honor of America Recycles Day (11-5-07)
bullet image Glendale Recognized as Best in the West (11-2-07)
bullet image Glendale offers Super Bowl open house exclusive to business owners (11-1-07)
bullet image Glendale residents benefit from new home improvements program (11-1-07)
October 2007
bullet image City Council Appoints Residents to Boards, Commissions (10-27-07)
bullet image Shop, Sample and Savor on November 15th (10-27-07)
bullet image Residents Sought to help Make Glendale Shine in International Spotlight (10-26-07)
bullet image Glendale Channel 11 Receives National Recognition  (10-26-07)
bullet image Classic Car Owners…Get Your Engines Ready!  (10-24-07)
bullet image Volunteers paint 13 homes in Glendale on Saturday (10-24-07)
bullet image That Thursday Thing" is Back and Better Then Ever!  (10-17-07)
bullet image University of Phoenix sponsors Glendale's educational outreach to residents (10-16-07)
bullet image Cactus District Meeting (10-11-07)
bullet image

Cholla District Meeting (10-11-07)

bullet image Sahuaro District Meeting (10-11-07)
bullet image Yucca District Meeting (10-11-07)
bullet image Glendale holds open house on downtown public art project  (10-10-07)
September 2007
bullet image Domestic Violence Grant Award to Glendale City Court (9-28-07)
bullet image Household Hazardous Waste Collection Set For October (9-27-07)
bullet image Councilmember Clark Hosting Two District Meetings Beginning Next Monday (9-24-07)
bullet image "That Thursday Thing" is Back and Better Then Ever! (9-24-07)
bullet image Glendale 11 Receives 4 Emmy Nominations for the Second Year in a Row (9-18-07)
bullet image Council Member Knaack Hosting Upcoming "Town Talk" Oct. 4 (9-17-07)
bullet image Glendale's Community Revitalization Division presents annual performance report for public review (9-10-07)
bullet image Glendale 11 & CBS 5 Team up for Super Bowl (9-6-07)
bullet image Teddy Bear Day Reminder (9-06-07)
bullet image Downtown Glendale 'glitters' for 13th year beginning Nov. 23 (9-06-07)
bullet image Glendale now offers convenient payment services online and by phone (9-06-07)
August 2007
bullet image Glendale's Special Election Results will be on City's Cable Station and Web Site (8-30-07)
bullet image The Rock & Roll Paint-a-thon is scheduled for Oct. 27 (8-30-07)
bullet image Celebrate Hispanic Heritage month at Fiesta Glendale Sept. 15 (8-30-07)
bullet image Glendale offers new class on arts, culture and history for GU grads (8-30-07)
bullet image Labor Day Holiday Notice (8-30-07)
bullet image Glendale Announces New Intergovernmental Program Director   (8-27-07)
bullet image Summer Skate Jam appearing in Glendale  (8-27-07)
bullet image Free Landscape Classes Offered by the City of Glendale Water Conservation Office (8-27-07)
bullet image Disabilities Commission Grants (8-21-07)
bullet image Glendale Glitters' Lights (8-21-07)
bullet image City of Glendale Materials Management Awards (8-20-07)
bullet image Mayor Scruggs Hosting Small Group Meetings with Residents (8-20-07)
bullet image Several memorial rides are scheduled at Westgate City Center (8-17-07)
bullet image Construction Alert on 59th Ave (8-17-07)
bullet image

Glendale’s Disability Commission Offers Grants to Non-Profit Groups (8-16-07)

bullet image Glendale 11 Launching Podcasts online (8-15-07)
bullet image Important Traffic Information for Upcoming Cardinals Game (8-15-07)
bullet image 2007 Glendale Hispanic Network Breakfast  (8-15-07)
bullet image Councilman Lieberman to Host Informational Meetings on Special Election's Proposition 401 (8-10-07)
bullet image Glendale Celebrates National Teddy Bear Day (8-10-07)
bullet image Glendale Announces Start of Fall 2007 Neighborhood Partnerships Grants Process (8-8-07)
bullet image New Photo Red Light System Going Into Effect in Glendale (8-1-07)
July 2007
bullet image Glendale offers two brand new GU graduate classes (7-30-07)
bullet image Glendale accepting registration for GU, HOA Academy classes (7-30-07)
bullet image Water Wisdom from Fourth Graders  (7-25-07)
bullet image Glendale 11 Nominated for Seven NATOA Awards (7-25-07)
bullet image Festival vendors can now apply conveniently online (7-25-07)
bullet image New Express Routes Make Taking the Bus Easier for Glendale Residents (7-24-07)
bullet image Glendale loans tools for community volunteer projects (7-20-07)
bullet image Glendale neighborhood improvement project: West Plaza HOA (7-20-07)
bullet image Our final Summer Band Concert is next Thursday  (7-20-07)
bullet image Glendale Approves Four More Neighborhood Improvement Grants (7-2-07)
June 2007
bullet image City, Team Owners Finalize Bringing Dodgers and White Sox to Glendale (6-26-07)
bullet image Glendale Residents Recognized with Spark Awards (6-26-07)
bullet image Glendale Employee Nominated for National Award (6-25-07)
bullet image Special Election Set for September 11 (6-19-07)
bullet image July 4 Event Information (6-19-07)
bullet image Christmas in July (6-15-07)
bullet image Get a Bird's Eye View of the Construction of the New Downtown Parking Garage (6-8-07)
bullet image Summer 07 GU Grad Classes (6-4-07)
bullet image Mohawk HOA Project (6-1-07)
May 2007
bullet image Leadership Forum (5-30-07)
bullet image Web Redesign (5-30-07)
bullet image Glendale 11 wins Telly Award (5-29-07)
bullet image Apollo Heights Neighborhood Project (5-23-07)
bullet image Emergency Help in the Heat (5-23-07)
bullet image Special Bond Election Results (5-23-07)
bullet image Dough Raising day (5-22-07)
bullet image Check Out Glendale 11 at the Checkout Lane (5-16-07)
bullet image Glendale Chocolate Affaire Wins Event Industry Award (5-16-07)
bullet image Councilmember Steve Frate Named to Regional Group to Study Commuter Rail (5-11-07)
bullet image Hook-a-kid Charity Tournament (5-10-07)
bullet image American Idol Pep Rally (5-10-07)
bullet image Weekend Swimming at Foothills (5-8-07)
bullet image Residents  have  opportunity to  discuss  important  city  issues with Mayor Scruggs (5-8-07)
bullet image Glendale City Manager Recognized for Leadership and Contribution to Community (5-7-07)
bullet image Mayor Scruggs Recruiting Teens for Her Youth Advisory Commission (5-3-07)
April 2007
bullet image Special Bond Election Information (4-30-07)
bullet image Tickets Available for Dinner Celebrating Glendale's High School State Champions (4-28-07)
bullet image Councilmember Joyce Clark Holding Yucca District Meeting on May 3 (4-28-07)
bullet image Residents to Serve on Advisory Groups (4-28-07)
bullet image Glendale's 4th of July Celebration Sizzles (4-23-07)
bullet image Glendale City Manager Featured in National Publication (4-19-07)
bullet image Glendale Family Bike Ride (4-19-07)
bullet image Fiesta Bowl Show on Glendale 11 (4-16-07)
bullet image Neighborhood Services Fair Thursday, April 26 (4-13-07)
bullet image Spark Nominations (4-12-07)
bullet image Bike-to-Breakfast/Administrative Professionals Day (4-11-07)
bullet image Glendale & Habitat for Humanity Partner to Frame House for Glendale Family (4-11-07)
bullet image Glendale Jazz & Blues Festival Offers Free Shuttle Service (4-11-07)
bullet image Advisory - invitation to a DARE/GREAT flag presentation mid-day tomorrow at one of our Glendale schools (4-11-07)
bullet image Glendale Hosts Statewide CDBG Week Celebration April 12(4-10-07)
bullet image Glendale's From The Heart Program Surpasses the Million Dollar Mark (4-10-07)
bullet image Cactus District Meeting (4-6-07)
bullet image Yucca District Meeting (4-6-07)
bullet image Cholla District Meeting(4-6-07)
bullet image Charity Golf Tournament benefits Children (4-5-07)
bullet image Residents' Input Sought on Glendale's Onboard Transportation Program(4-5-07)
bullet image Glendale Selected as One of Ten National Sites to Host AARP Walking Program(4-5-07)
bullet image New Board and Commission Members (4-3-07)
bullet image Jazz Entertainment Line up (4-2-07)
March 2007
bullet image Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony (3-26-07)
bullet image Cold Case Web Site (3-26-07)
bullet image Special Bond Election Voting Information (3-26-07)
bullet image Spring Cleaning/Let's Dump It! program (3-22-07)
bullet image New Business, Civic Organization to Promote Partnerships, Economic Vitality (3-20-07)
bullet image Councilmember Phil Lieberman Hosting Cactus District Meeting March 28 (3-20-07)
bullet image Spring Extravaganza (3-14-07)
bullet image New Cooking Classes Offered in Glendale (3-14-07)
bullet image Firefighter of the year (3-14-07)
bullet image There’s no place like Downtown Glendale (3-9-07)
bullet image Mary Silva Park Improvements Funded by Neighborhood Grants (3-9-07)
bullet image New Barking Dog Process for Glendale Residents(3-5-07)
bullet image Glendale Offers Extended Hours for Passport Applications (3-5-07)
bullet image Glendale Assistant City Manager Recognized for Leadership (3-2-07)
bullet image Council Approves New Strategic Goals (3-2-07)
bullet image A very unique playground unveiled in Glendale (3-2-07)
bullet image Letter from Glendale Police Chief Steve Conrad (3-1-07)
bullet image Community Revitalization Division Presents Annual Action Plan for Public Review (3-1-07)
February 2007
bullet image Barrel District Meeting (2-28-07)
bullet image Mayor Scruggs Vice Chair of RPTA (2-28-07)
bullet image Glendale Announces Start of Spring Neighborhood Grants Process(2-28-07)
bullet image More than 2500 Volunteer for Serve Day Sat. Feb. 24  (2-23-07)
bullet image 95,000 Attend Chocolate Affaire (2-16-07)
bullet image Reminder: GU and HOA classes taking registration (2-16-07)
bullet image Special Bond Election- Important Voting Information  (2-14-07)
bullet image Glendale Fire Captains Retire After 33 Years of Service (2-9-07)
bullet image Northern Avenue Closure (2-9-07)
bullet image Free April Events at the Glendale Public Library(2-6-07)
bullet image Important Traffic Alert: U.S./Mexico Soccer Game(2-6-07)
bullet image Mayor Scruggs 2007 State of the Business Community Address Thursday (2-5-07)
bullet image City Council Appoints Residents to Advisory Boards (2-5-07)
bullet image Residents Invited to Sahuaro District Spring Fling (2-5-07)
January 2007
bullet image DARE fundraiser (1-26-07)
bullet image Glendale Chocolate Affaire (1-25-07)
bullet image 2007 Bond Election Set for May 15  (1-24-07)
bullet image Manny Martinez Selected Vice Mayor of Glendale (1-24-07)
bullet image Breaking Online Records (1-23-07)
bullet image Police Announce New Mission, Vision, Values & Basic Principles Statement (1-23-07)
bullet image Important Public Meetings for Intersection Improvement (1-23-07)
bullet image Mayor Elaine Scruggs Appointed to Arizona Military Affairs Commission (1-19-07)
bullet image safety tips and warning regarding recent assaults (1-19-07)
bullet image Annual Union Hills Classic skateboarding competition (1-19-07)
bullet image Book Clubs to Go kits for book discussion groups (1-19-07)
bullet image New Glendale Public Library Show on Glendale's Channel 11  (1-13-07)
bullet image Glendale Employees Partner with Habitat to Build New Home for City Resident (1-12-07)
bullet image Record Crowds Pack Downtown Glendale Streets for First-Ever BCS Block Party (1-11-07)
bullet image Glendale Offers Free Training for Residents (1-9-07)
bullet image Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Notice (1-9-07)
bullet image Free English conversation classes at the Glendale Main Library (1-9-07)
bullet image Business programs during February at the Glendale Main Library (1-9-07)
bullet image 8th Annual Celebration of African American Authors (1-9-07)
bullet image Glendale Welcomes Governor Janet Napolitano for West Valley State of the State (1-9-07)
bullet image February activities at the downtown Glendale library (1-9-07)
bullet image College Tuition Workshop (1-9-07)
bullet image Foothills Branch Library February Events (1-8-07)
bullet image Bonnie the Matchmaker will be at Velma Teague Branch Library on Feb. 3 (1-8-07)
bullet image Live at the Library (1-8-07)
bullet image Fishing Clinic (1-8-07)
bullet image Free March Programs at Glendale Public Library (1-8-07)
bullet image Important Traffic Information for National Championship Game (1-8-07)
bullet image Neighborhood Day at State Legislature (1-8-07)
bullet image Historic Downtown Glendale Welcomes the Buckeyes and the Gators (1-8-07)
bullet image Glendale Seeking Vendors for Chocolate Affaire Feb. 2-4, 2007  (1-5-07)
bullet image Glendale Glitter & Glow BCS Block Party (1-2-07)
bullet image Three Glendale Council Members to Be Sworn Into Office Jan. 9 (1-2-07)


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