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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ


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City of Glendale - Public Works Department

A partnership of employees and community working together to create a better quality of life for Glendale and to ensure the safe, efficient transportation of people and goods in the city of Glendale.

Public Works provides essential services that directly impact the community and provides support to other departments within the organization. Public Works is comprised of three separate, yet interdependent divisions that provide essential services to the city.  The three divisions are field operations, engineering and transportation.   

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Utility Rate Logo Utility Rate Study
The City of Glendale Utility Rate Study Update is being conducted as part of the city’s ongoing efforts to maintain the highest levels of safe, efficient and reliable delivery of water, sewer and solid waste services to Glendale residents and businesses.

As part of this study, the city’s Public Works and Water Services departments are jointly conducting in-depth evaluations to examine existing costs incurred by the city for residential solid waste and water and wastewater services and to determine the necessary rate adjustments going forward in the continued provision of these quality services

To learn more, call 623-930-4100 or visit 

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Field Operations
Field operations includes four primary functions: 

  • Solid waste collection and disposal services including recycling, household hazardous waste collection, loose trash collection services and street sweeping services
  • Street maintenance and concrete repair including graffiti removal, maintenance of traffic signs and street striping
  • Equipment management for maintaining approximately 1,300 city vehicles and support equipment
  • Facilities management for the maintenance and cleaning of over 2 million square feet of space. 

In addition to these core functions field operations is also responsible for the care and operation of Glendale Memorial Park cemetery, as well as contract administration for animal control services provided by Maricopa county.   

Ensures citizen safety and high quality of life by providing properly designed, constructed and inspected public facilities and right-of-way infrastructure.  It also supports other city departments when undertaking capital improvement projects. The department oversees floodplain management, the city-adopted National Flood Insurance Program, real estate management and management and oversight of cell tower equipment in the public right of way and on city owned facilities.

Includes coordination of bus service, as well as the city operated Dial a Ride program, participation in regional planning and coordination of such projects as Northern Parkway and the Loop 303, management of traffic signals and intelligent transportation systems and large event transportation management.  Design and planning for improvements to the transportation system for pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles is a key component of the Glendale Onboard transportation program.  Finally, the operation and management of the city airport is part of the transportation division. 

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Additional Information Related to Public Works

Land Use Assumptions, Infrastructure Improvements Plan and Development Impact Fees

Abandoned Shopping Carts Information

Abandoned Shopping Carts – Arizona Cart Retrieval (ACR) Company
Phone: 1-800-THE-CART (1-800-843-2278)

ACR works with most major grocery stores for cart retrieval. Please visit their website to determine which stores are serviced by ACR. Leave a detailed message including the exact location of the cart (including major cross streets) and the name of the store the cart belongs to. Please allow 2-4 days for retrieval.



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