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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ

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About Us

The Crisis Response Team (CRT) is made up of dedicated volunteers trained by theGlendale, AZ - Crisis Response
Glendale Fire Department to assistfirefighters, police offices and the citizens of the West Valley during 911 calls. They specialize in being compassionate and professional during a time of need to those experiencing a crisis. Team members have a variety of backgrounds in behavioral health, emergency medicine, victim assistance and crisis intervention. Their main job is to provide immediate crisis intervention and referrals to victims, families and witnesses after a traumatic event, as well as to guide citizens in the right direction for follow up care.

The Glendale Fire Department’s Crisis Response Team is celebrating its 15th year in service. Volunteers have given over 200,000 hours of their valuable time to assist the community through the delivery of care with kindness, compassion, and integrity, day and night.

Normal reactions to abnormal events such as unexpected death or crisis include: grief, anger, hopelessness, profound sadness, confusion and despair. The Glendale Fire Department Crisis Response volunteers are there to respond to what is quite possibly the worst day of a community members life. Sometimes the volunteers are the only support on the traumatic scene for that individual.
The Crisis Response Team produces a positive change by not only providing emotional support on scene, but also linking the customer with after care services and/or a personalized follow up plan.

Critical incidents, traumatize thousands of people around the US every day. Such incidents include everything from vehicle collisions, to suicides, to homicides. These incidents traumatize surviving direct victims, as well as indirect victims such as the family and friends of direct victims. Such trauma can affect people’s physical, emotional, social, financial and spiritual wellbeing in many ways, often severely. The way people cope as victims of traumatic events depends largely on their experiences immediately following the incident. Victims who receive effective support in the critical hours immediately following the event are more likely to eventually resume healthy, fulfilling, productive lives, rather than entering downward spirals into despair, substance abuse, family breakup, unemployment (unable to finish since we cut the page.)

Crisis Response Volunteers assist firefighters, police officers and citizens during 911 calls. Since 2002, the Glendale Fire Department Crisis Response Team Volunteers have dedicated over 200,000 hours assisting community members in crisis by providing emotional support, advocacy, resources and referrals. The Department has supported the development and provision of training volunteers to provide effective intervention services, all aiming to help victims recover from the emotional impact of financial effects of trauma and other unfortunate events. The Crisis Response volunteers have pioneers projects to better serve individuals and families that experience the effects of loss due to house fires, sudden death, victims of rape, sexual and physical abuse, domestic violence, child/adult crimes, and homicide. These devoted volunteers selflessly provide comfort, and care with compassion on emergency scenes that some would consider their worst nightmare. 




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Glendale, AZ
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