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Cross Connection Control - Fire Hydrant Meter Program

G-667 RPA Fire Hydrant Meter Standard Detail | Fire Hydrant Meter Entire Agreement (PDF)

Fire Hydrant Meter and Cross Connection Policy Agreement
Fire Hydrant Meter Program All fire hydrant meters are required to have a reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assembly installed at the hydrant meter to protect from actual or potential cross connections to the City of Glendale distribution system. Water taken from the hydrant meter shall only be used for dust control and construction within the City of Glendale water service area.
  1. Arizona Administrative Code R18-4-215 requires backflow prevention for the protection of the drinking water distribution system.
  2. A backflow prevention assembly permit shall be obtained from the City of Glendale, Building Safety Department, 5850 W Glendale Avenue, 2nd Floor.
  3. The cost of the Hydrant Meter Backflow Prevention Assembly Permit is $70.24.
  4. The contractor shall install a reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assembly (per City of Glendale Standard Detail G-667) within one (1) business day and prior to use immediately after the hydrant meter is set.
  5. Any hydrant meter in service without a reduced pressure principle assembly will be assumed not in use and removed immediately from service. All applicable fees for new set up will be required to reinstall the hydrant meter.
  6. Prior to use, the backflow assembly is required to be tested by a certified backflow assembly tester.
  7. The assembly installation shall be inspected by the City of Glendale. Call (623) 915-3263 to schedule the inspection, request type 245. Please have a copy of the test report at the time of inspection.
  8. Relocation(s):
    • Different job location: Each time the hydrant meter and backflow prevention assembly are relocated to a different job location a relocate fee of $92.20 (plus applicable taxes) is billed and a new backflow permit fee is to be obtained along with applicable fee of $70.24. Upon issuance of the new permit it is required to be tested by a certified backflow assembly tester and re-inspected by the City of Glendale Cross Connection Inspector prior to use.
    • Same job site location: Each time the hydrant meter and backflow prevention assembly are relocated on the same job site a relocate fee of $92.20 (plus applicable taxes) will be billed and a new permit fee is not required however, it is required to be retested by a certified backflow assembly tester and re-inspected by the City of Glendale Cross Connection Specialist prior to use.
  9. At the time of removal or relocation the fire hydrant meter backflow prevention assembly shall be removed from the meter and the meter called in for removal or relocation immediately.
  10. For Backflow questions or concerns please call Jeff Kolb, City of Glendale Cross Connection Specialist at (623) 910-3329
  11. Fire hydrant meters are for temporary use only to provide water for new development or other major construction projects within the City of Glendale water service area such as:
    • Installation of water and sewer mains;
    • Pre-grading projects;
    • Street paving;
    • Any major project that will require large volumes of water.
  12. Final approval will be based on type of project and use of the meter after actual field verification, and will be made by the Superintendent of Water Services or designee. NOTE: Refunds require approximately two weeks to process.
  13. Fees: Total payment due $1,813.54. Payment broken down as follows: $1,642.63 deposit, an $92.20 setting fee (plus taxes 9.2%) and a backflow permit fee of $70.24 is required for each meter. Customer will be billed for relocation fee at a rate of $92.20, plus applicable taxes. Deposit and advance fees are to be paid at the Development Services Center, 5850 W. Glendale Ave., located on the second floor of the City Hall building.
  14. A minimum of 48 hours notice (excluding weekends and holidays) is required for installation or relocation. Installation and Relocates shall be made by City staff and are to be requested by calling Meter Maintenance (623) 930-2717.
  15. Each fire hydrant meter will be billed monthly at the three-inch meter minimum service charge ($106.00) plus usage ($2.28 for winter rate, $2.85 for summer rate) per thousand gallons or fraction and applicable sales tax. The winter rates are applied to November through April usage. The summer rates are applied to May through October usage. Also included is the Arizona Water Quality Tax (also known as Superfund). This amount is calculated at the rate of $0.0065 for every thousand gallons of water that is used.
  16. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify the City, at (623) 930-2717, when the meter should be removed. As long as the meter is set the account will continue to be billed minimum charges and the customer remains responsible for water usage. Upon notification of removal, customer’s deposit will be applied to all outstanding billing and a refund if applicable will be generated.
  17. Charges are due and payable when a statement is rendered by the city and shall become delinquent twenty days after rendered. Accounts over two months in arrears will be cause for removal of the hydrant meter and automatic application of final charges posted against the deposit. If the hydrant meter is needed, any balance owed must be paid in full, and a new deposit and installation fee may be required. Outstanding charges unpaid after three months will be turned over to collections.
  18. The customer is liable for any damages to the hydrant or meter during the contract period; this includes lost or broken fittings and stolen meters.
  19. A hydrant wrench is the only tool acceptable for turning the hydrant on or off. Any regulating of water required is to be done with the gate valve attached to the meter.
  20. The meter connections cannot be taken off or reduced in size to less than two inches. Support must be provided to the hydrant meter when necessitating the addition of connections/weight. Additional connections made to the meter by the customer must be taken off prior to relocation or removal by the city. Failure to do so will result in these parts being confiscated by the city.
  21. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide the city with current mailing address and telephone number.
  22. The City of Glendale reserves the right to remove a meter that has been inactive for two or more months.
  23. All hydrant meters are for temporary use only for no more than 18 months. Approval for additional months shall be made by the Water Services Superintendent or designee.


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