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Cross Connection Control - Tester Information

Recognized Testers Policy Letter

Location Of Cross Connection Control Office

The City of Glendale Cross Connection Control Program is within the Water Services Department.  All test forms, tester certification certificates, equipment recalibration forms, or any other related correspondence, shall be sent to:


Permits Required on all Backflow installations

The City of Glendale requires backflow installation permits for all new installations, including retrofits and replacement of existing backflow assemblies.  Due to the increasing amount of improper installation, incorrect replacement, and/or replacement without a permit of backflow prevention assemblies throughout the City, Permits must be obtained at 5850 W Glendale Avenue, second floor.  After installation and certification of the backflow assembly please call the permit line at 623-915-3263 code 237 for Backflow at a domestic water line, code 238 for backflow on fireline, code 245 for backflow on fire hydrant and code 246 for backflow on irrigation line for inspection(s). The City has a list of standard details on the cross connection web page at

The City of Glendale, Cross Connection Department will no longer be accepting backflow reports on new or replaced backflow assemblies without a backflow permit, and inspection of the backflow and underground piping.

Tester Certification

Each tester is required to complete the required course to become a Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester, and thereafter retest every three years. The certificate must be current; if ineffective the test reports will not be accepted.  Failure to submit required calibration certification reports will result in the tester or company removal from the List of Recognized Testers until such time the certification is received.

Timely and Accurate Submission of Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing Reports

The timely submission of accurate testing reports is an essential element in the smooth operation of the City’s Cross Connection Control Program.  Inaccurate or incomplete reports will not be accepted.  Reports lacking information or with inaccurate information will be sent back to the tester for correction.  We recommend you obtain a copy of the Owners/Controllers notification letter prior to testing of any assemblies.  This letter will list both isolation and containment assemblies. There is a $79.89 processing fee per site.  This fee is not required for new installations, repairs, stolen or vandalized assemblies, only for the annual testing.  This fee covers all assemblies listed on the owner/controller test notification letter.  Test reports will not be accepted without the $79.89 processing fee or tester’s signature. Make checks payable to “City of Glendale”.

Calibration of Test Equipment

All test equipment used in testing of backflow prevention assemblies shall be calibrated annually.  Calibration certification reports shall be submitted to the Cross Connection office each year for all testing equipment used in the City of Glendale’s water service area. This requirement is effective calendar year 2000. Failure to submit required calibration certification reports will result in the test equipment, tester or company removal from the List of Recognized Testers until such time the certification is received.

In addition, any incomplete test reports will no longer be accepted.  This will include any blank information, incorrect information, no meter number, etc. The original test report(s) must be signed and mailed into the Cross Connection Department on all new backflow assemblies, which includes new backflow installs, hydrant meter, new construction, annual testing, etc.  Backflow testers will be held accountable to follow City of Glendale Recognized Testers Policy.

Penalties for Noncompliance

(Examples of penalties, but not limited to)
Verified test report problems
Incomplete test reports
Inaccurate or false test results
Test reports with no signature
Missing information on test report
Backflow assemblies installed without a permit

First incident – Written warning to tester by certified mail
Second incident – Three (3) month suspension from recognized testers list
Third incident – Six (6) month suspension from recognized testers list

Following any suspension, tester must request reinstatement to list

Pressure Vacuum Breakers Shall Be Tested For Backpressure

All pressure vacuum breakers in the City of Glendale shall be tested for backpressure using the procedure listed below.

  1. Complete the testing as outlined in Chapter 9 of the 9th edition of the Manual for Cross Connection Control
  2. Restore the assembly to service
  3. Close the #1 shut-off  valve
  4. Open the # 2 test cock and observe the flow. The water pressure should decrease within about a minute causing the air inlet valve to open. If this occurs, close the # 2 test cock and open the #1 shut-off  valve returning the assembly to service. If there is no drop in pressure and the air inlet does not open the assembly is improperly  installed and is subject to backpressure. If this condition is found, close the #2 test cock, open the #1 shut-off valve and RETURN THE              ASSEMBLY TO SERVICE.
  • If the assembly is not subject to backpressure, please note in the comment section “no backpressure.”
  • If the assembly is subject to backpressure, check the fail box and note in the comment section “assembly subject to backpressure.”

If you have any questions concerning this policy agreement please contact:

Thank you,

Jeff Kolb, Cross Connection Control Specialist




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