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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ

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City of Glendale - City Prosecutor
Where are you located?
We are located at 6815 N. 57th Ave., Glendale, AZ 85301. Our phone number is (623) 930-3475.

Where can I park when I get there?
There is two-hour parking available at the Police/Courts Complex. If the lot is full, additional parking is available along 57th and Glendale avenues.

What are your hours?
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except legal holidays. Closed for lunch from noon to 1p.m.

What is the Prosecutor's phone number and fax number?
Phone - (623) 930-3475
Fax - (623) 937-9133

I have an arrest warrant, what are my options?
The first option you have is to go to court and pay the bond amount set by the judge. Once you pay the bond amount, the warrant will be cancelled (quashed) and you will be given a new court date if the warrant is for failure to appear.

The second option is to appear before the judge and reschedule a court date during the Walk-In-Docket. The Court provides a daily time for defendants who need to make unscheduled court appearances. Although you can be seen by the judge during the Walk-In Docet, you still may not be able to get your case resolved because the Prosecutor will not have your file.

IF YOU HAVE A WARRANT, it will remain outstanding until either the bond is posted or the judge decides to cancel (quash) the warrant. The judge may require a bond be posted before canceling the warrant and you should be prepared to post the bond when you appear.

When is my court date?
When an officer issues you a ticket, the officer will write the time and date on the bottom of the citation.

How do I change my court date?
You must file a Motion to Continue (before your court date) with the Court explaining the reason you need to change your court date. The judge will review your motion and either grant or deny it. You can call the Court to find out how the judge ruled.

What happens if I don’t appear?
For criminal violations a warrant for your arrest may be issued and for civil traffic violations, the Court will notify the Motor Vehicle Department that you are in default. They will suspend your driver's license and/or your privilege to drive. If your driver's license or privilege to drive is suspended as the result of a default judgment, you will be required to pay the fine, a default fee, and additional fees to the Motor Vehicle Department in order to have your driver's license or privilege to drive reinstated. If you drive while your license or privilege to drive is suspended, you will be subject to criminal penalties and additional sanctions.

How do I get an order of protection/injunction against harassment?
You can go to any court to file an Order of Protection (OP) or an Injunction Against Harassment (HI). There are several forms that you must fill out prior to seeing the judge. Once that is complete, you then go before the judge and based on what is written on the Petition, the judge will determine whether or not an Order of Protection/Injunction is issued. The Order/Injunction is not in effect until the defendant is served with the order. Orders of Protection or Injunctions involving a dating relationship can be served by the Police Department in the city where the Defendant can be served. For all other Injunctions, it is up to you to hire a process server to have the injunction served. The defendant does have the right to request a hearing to contest the Order/Injunction. If this happens, the hearing will be scheduled within 10 days, unless the order involves exclusive use of the residence in which case the hearing will be scheduled within 5 days.

How do I file small claims?
You cannot file a small claims complaint at the Glendale City Court.

What is the difference between Civil Traffic Court and the Criminal Court?
The Civil Traffic Division handles civil traffic violations, City ordinances that are designated civil, civil parking violations, photo enforcement (civil speed and red light). The prosecutors do not handle civil traffic cases unless you are charged with criminal and civil traffic violations on the same ticket. Payment fees are taken in the Civil Traffic Division. The Criminal Division handles criminal traffic cases, misdemeanor criminal cases, arrest warrants, search warrants, orders of protection and harassment injunctions. Prosecutors appear for criminal traffic and misdemeanor cases.

How can I pay a fine?

  • Click here to view the court's bond schedule.
  • Call (623) 930-2427 to pay over the phone.
  • For additional information, call (623) 930-2459.
  • Delinquent fines may be paid online by clicking here.


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Glendale, AZ
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