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Water Conservation Resources and Programs for Youth

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Water ConservationWayne Drop Sightings

Have you seen Wayne Drop around Glendale lately? As the official water conservation mascot for the city of Glendale Water Conservation Office, Wayne Drop travels around the city spreading the water conservation message. You can help Wayne Drop by using water wisely at home and school and teaching others how to use water wisely, too!

Wayne Drop appeared at the WOW Wednesdays Program at Foothills Branch Library this summer.  Wayne Drop distributed water conservation booklets, pencils, and Water Use it Wisely tattoos to children before they attended the water conservation-themed puppet show, “Zoner and the Drip.”  At the puppet show, which was performed by the Great Arizona Puppet Theater, children and adults learned about the importance of conserving water every day!


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Books (English)

Arizona Project WET – Book Loan Library
Click here to visit this Web site

Project WET – Kids in Discovery Series Books
Click here to visit this Web site


America’s Deserts: Guide to Plants and Animals
By Wallace, Marianne D. Golden, CO: Fulcrum Kids, c1996. Call #: 574.52652 W192a

Cactus Desert
By Silver, Donald M. 1947- New York: W.H. Freeman, c1995. Call #: 574.52652 S587c

101 Questions About Desert Life
By Jablonsky, Alice. [Tucson: Southwest parks and Monuments Association, c1994.] Call #: 591.90954 J11o

This Place is Dry
By Cobb, Vicki. New York: Walker, 1989. Call #: 917.91 C653t


Common Ground: The Water, Earth, and Air We Share
By Bang, Molly. New York: Blue Sky Press, 1997. Call #: 363.7 B216c


Animals of Rivers Lakes and Ponds
By Donovan, Sandra. Austin: Raintree Steck-Vaughn, c2002. Call #: 591.76 D687a

Rivers, Ponds, and Lakes
By Ganeri, Anita, 1961- New York: Dillon Press, 1992. Call #: 574.52632 G195r


By Hoff, Mary King. Minneapolis: Lerner Publications Co., c1991. Call #: 333.9104 H698o


The Water Cycle
By Frost, Helen, 1949 - Mankato, Minn.: Pebble Books, c2000. Call #: 551.48 F939w

The Water Cycle
By Smith, David, 1962 - New York: Thomson Learning, 1993. Call #: 551.48 S645w

Wonderful Water
By Kalman, Bobbie, 1947 - Toronto: Crabtree Pub., c1992. Call #: 551.48 K14w


Snail Girl Brings Water: A Navajo Story
By Keams, Geri. Flagstaff, AZ: Rising Moon, c1998. Call #: 398.24 K24s


All Along the River
By Fowler, Alan. Chicago: Children’s Press, c1994. Call #: 551.483 F785a

By Stephen, Richard. Mahwah, NJ: Troll, c1990. Call #: 508.316 S829r


Rivers and Oceans
By Taylor, Barbara, 1954 - New York: Kingfisher Books, 1993. Call #: 551.483 T238r


A Drop Around the World
By McKinney, Barbara Shaw, 1951 - Nevada City, CA: Dawn Publications, 1998. Call #551.48 M158d

A Drop of Water: A Book of Science and Wonder
By Wick, Walter. New York: Scholastic, c1997. Call #: 546.22 W636d

Follow the Water From Brook to Ocean
By Dorros, Arthur. New York: HarperCollins, 1991. Call #: 551.48 D716f

The Drop In My Drink: The Story of Water On Our Planet
By Hooper, Meredith. New York, NY: Viking, 1998. Call #: 551.48 H787d

By Benedict, Kitty. Mankato, MN: Creative Education, c1993. Call #: 551.48 B463w

By Cooper, Jason, 1942 - Vero Beach, FL: Rourke Corp., 1992. Call #: 551.48 C777w

By Knapp, Brian J. Danbury, CT: Grolier Educational, 2002. Call #: 551.48 K67w

By Markert, Jenny. Mankato, MN: Creative Education, c1992. Call #: 551.46 M345w

By Neye, Emily. New York: Grosset and Dunlap, c2002. Call #:553.7 N571w

By Sole Vendrell, Carme, 1944 - Woodbury, NY: Barrons’ Educational Series, 1985. Call # 553.7 S685w

Water as a Gas
By Frost, Helen, 1949 - Mankato, MN: Pebble Books, c2000. Call #: 564.22 F939w

Water as a Liquid
By Frost, Helen, 1949 - Mankato, MN: Pebble Books, c2000. Call #: 546.22 F939wl

Water: Our Precious Resource
By Gallant, Roy A. New York: Benchmark Books, 2002. Call #: 553.7 G163w

Water—What It Is, What It Does
By Seixas, Judith S. New York: Greenwillow books, c 1987. Call #: 553.7 S462w

We Need Water
By Frost, Helen, 1949 - Mankato, MN: Pebble Books, c2000. Call #: 553.7 F939w

Where Do Puddles Go?
By Robinson, Fay. Chicago: Children’s Press, c1995. Call # 551.57 R659w


Water: Earth’s Liquid Treasure
Glendale, AZ: the City, c1987. Additional authors: Kathy Whalen, Jami McFarren, Glendale (Ariz). Call #: 333.912 W324 (VIDEO)


Soil and Water Conservation
By Boy Scouts of America. Irving, Tex: Boy Scouts of America, 1995. Call #: 369.43 B789so 1995

Water Conservation: A Student Audit of Resource Use
Menlo Park, CA: Dale Seymour Publications, c1998. Call #: 363.7392 W324

Xeriscape: Appropriate Landscaping San Luis Obispo, A: San Luis Video, c1989. Call #: 635.95 X6 (VIDEO) (Adult Nonfiction)


Science Magic With Water
By Oxlade, Chris. Hauppauge, NY: Barron’s, 1994. Call #: 793.8 O98w

By Ramsay, Helena. New York: Children’s Press, c1998. Call #: 553.7 R178w

Water Play
By Madgwick, Wendy, 1946 -. Austin, TX: Raintree Steck-Vaughn, c1999. Call #: 532. M181w

Water Science, Water Fun: Great Things to Do With H2O
By Fiarotta, Noel. New York: Sterling Pub, 1996. Call #: 532 F441w


Keeping Water Clean
By Frost, Helen, 1949 - Mankato, Minn: Pebble Books, c2000. Call #: 363.7394 F939k

Keeping Water Clean
By McLeish, Ewan, 1950 - Austin, Tex: Raintree Steck-Vaughn, c1998. Call #: 363.7394 M163k

Nobody Particular: One Woman’s Fight to Save the Bays
By Bang, Molly. New York: Henry Holt and Co., 2000. Call #: 363.7384 B216n

Rivers and Lakes
By Hoff, Mary King. Minneapolis: Lerner Publications Co., c1991. Call #: 363.7394 H698o

The Water We Drink
By Wheeler, Jill C., 1964- Edina, Minn: Minneapolis, Minn: Abdo & Daughters; Rockbottom Books [distributor], c1990. Call #: 363.7394 W563w

Water Pollution
By Snodgrass, Mary Ellen. Marco, Fla: Bancroft-Sage Pub, 1991. Call #: 363.7392 S673w

Water Pollution
By Donnelly, Andrew. [Chanhassen, MN]: Child's World, c1999. Call #: 363.7394 D685w


A River Ran Wild
By Cherry, Lynne. San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, c1992. Call #: 974.44 C522r

Clean Water
By Barss, Karen. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, c1992. Call #: 363.7394 B282c

Books (Spanish)

Arizona Project WET – Book Loan Library
Click here to visit this Web site


Dime, Por Que Es Mojada La Lluvia?
By Willis, Shirley. New York: Franklin Watts, 1999. Call #: 551.48 W735d SPANISH


The Woman Who Outshone the Sun: The Legend of Lucia Zenleno/La Mujer Que Brillaba Aun Mas Que el Sol: La Leyendo de Lucia Zenteno
By Cruz Martinez, Alejandro, d. 1987. San Francisco, CA: Children’s Book Press, 1991.Call #: 398.21 C957m SPANISH


The Gullywasher- El Chaparron Torrencial
By Rossi, Joyce. Flagstaff, AZ. Rising Moon, 1998. Call #: SPANISH FICTION


By Cooper, Jason, 1942 - Vero Beach, FL: Rourke Corp., c1993. Call #: 551.48 C777a SPANISH

Soy el Agua
By Marzollo, Jean. New York: Scholastic, c 1999. Call # SPANISH FICTION

Picture Books


The Magic School Bus Wet All Over: A Book About the Water Cycle
By Cole, Joanna. New York: Scholastic, c1996. Call #: PICTURE BOOK

This is the Rain
By Schaefer, Lola M.1950-New York: Greenwillow Books, 2001. Call #: PICTURE BOOK

Water, Water Everywhere: A Book About the Water Cycle
By Berger, Melvin. Nashville, TN: Ideal Children's Books, c1995. Call #: PICTURE BOOK

Water's Way
By Peters, Lisa Westberg. New York, NY: Arcade, c1991. Call #: PICTURE BOOK


Brother Eagle, Sister Sky: A Message From Chief Seattle
By Seattle, Chief, 1790-1866. New York: Dial Books, c 1991. Call #: PICTURE BOOK


The Gullywasher
By Rossi, Joyce. Flagstaff, AZ: Northland Pub, c1995. Call #: PICTURE BOOK


I Am Water
By Marzollo, Jean. New York: Scholastic, c1996. Call #: PICTURE BOOK

By Brimner, Larry Dane. New York: Children's Press, c1999. Call #: PICTURE BOOK

The Earth and I
By Asch, Frank. San Diego: Gulliver Books, c1994. Call #: PICTURE BOOK

The Water's Journey
By Scmid, Elenore. New York: North-South Books, c1989. Call #: PICTURE BOOK

By Asch, Frank. San Diego: Voyager Books, 2000. Call #: PICTURE BOOK

Water All Around
By Nichols, Catherine. New York: Benchmark Books, c2001. Call #: PICTURE BOOK

Water is Wet
By Pollock, Penny. New York: Putnam, c1985. Call #: PICTURE BOOK


The Magic School Bus: At the Water Works
By Cole, Joanna. New York: Scholastic, c1986. Call #: PICTURE BOOK

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Water Educational Links for Kids

Informational Web pages and resources for kids:

Arizona Programs & Organizations

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality – Education and Outreach: ADEQ for Kids and Students

Arizona Department of Water Resources – Student Resources

Arizona Governor’s Kids Page

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum – Especially for Kids

Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records – About Arizona for Kids

Arizona State University – Ecology Explorers – Doing Science in Your Schoolyard

Central Arizona Project – Just for Kids and Teachers

City of Mesa - Kid’s Links

City of Phoenix – Water Info for Kids

Salt River Project – The Water Around Us

Tucson Water – Summer Activity Books – Kids Learn Conservation with Pete the Beak

National Programs & Organizations

NASA - How NASA Studies Water

National Drought Mitigation Center – Drought Mitigation

Natural Resources Defense Council - The Green Squad – Kids Taking Action for Greener, Healthier Schools

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (N.O.A.A.) – Advancing Environmental Literacy – Primary for Students

NOAA’s National Weather Service – Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services - Playtime for Kids

U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation – Water Share

U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service – Welcome to WebRangers

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Environmental Kids Club

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Drinking Water and Ground Water Kids’ Stuff

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – EPA Student Center

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Surf Your Watershed

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Kids’ Stuff

U.S. Geological Service – Water Resources Information for Students and Teachers

U.S. Geological Survey – Water Science for Schools

Water Use it Wisely – Educational Tools/Links

Other City, County, State Departments & Universities

Bell Museum – The Watershed Game

Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research - The Last Straw: Plants and Water Stress

City of Arlington, Texas – Dive into Water Conservation

City of Tampa, Florida – Water Conservation Education

DC Water and Sewer Authority – DCWASA for Kids

Earth 911 Making Every Day Earth Day – Earth 911 Kids

Stevens Institute of Technology – Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education - Down the Drain – How Much Water Do You Use?

Southwest Florida Water Management District – Kids’ Page

Southern Nevada Water Authority – Water University

St. Johns River Water Management District – The Great Water Odyssey

University of Wisconsin – Environmental Resource’s Center – Give Water a Hand


Earthday Network and Redefining Progress – Ecological Footprint Quiz

EcoKids – Water Conservation around the House

Environmental Literacy Council – For Students


The Groundwater Foundation – Kids Corner

Tread Lightly – TL Kids!

Regional Water Providers Consortium – Welcome to the Kid’s Corner

River of Words – For Youth

Water Education Foundation – Water Kids

WaterWiser – Drip Caculator

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