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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ


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Glendale, AZ - Special Events Permit Application Center

Interested in holding an event in the city of Glendale? Here’s what you need to know:

1. Who Must Apply

Anyone planning a single-gathering event or series of related daily gatherings/events of any nature at a public facility that is expected to: 1) draw 500 or more attendees or 2) draw less than 500 attendees, but impact streets, sidewalks, parking lots or rights of way, is required to apply for and receive a special events permit. For more information, refer to special events ordinance No. 2591 in the city code book (available for viewing on the city’s website - click here to view now).

It is the applicant's responsibility to read and abide by all requirements of the city's special events ordinance (No. 2591), which is available at

What is considered a public facility?

A public facility is defined as land, outdoor parks, recreational facilities, streets, sidewalks, parking lots and rights-of-way that are owned, leased, operated, maintained or controlled by the City of Glendale. (If your event is being held on private property, please contact our Planning Department - click here to go there now.)

City Parks / Recreational Facilities:

A special event permit application is not required if you plan to hold your event at a city park or recreational facility that is expected to draw less than 500 attendees.  It is your responsibility to contact the Parks & Recreation Department at least 30 days in advance in order to coordinate the scheduling of your event.  To obtain more information about reserving a city park or facilities, contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 623-930-2820.

Neighborhood Block Party: The City of Glendale Transportation Department regulates neighborhood block parties. Contact the Transportation Department at 623-930-2940 to request authorization forms and information.

2. Glendale Special Events Permit Application

The city of Glendale Special Events Permit Application and site plan must be received by the City of Glendale Office of Special Events no later than 30 days prior to the date of your event.

*** The detailed site plan should include the event activities, size of tents, fire lane, generators, fencing, etc.

City of Glendale Special Events
Special Event Permit Application
5750 W. Glenn Drive
Glendale, AZ 85301

For more information, please email April Nelson at

3. Special Events Permit Application Filing Timeline

A completed Special Events Permit Application and site plan must be received no less than 30 calendar days prior to the first day of the event.  Events involving a political march or rally, or other exercise of rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution or Article II, Section 6, of the Arizona Constitution, shall be received at least 15 calendar days prior to the first day of the event.

4. Supplemental Applications/Permits and Fees

Additional permits and/or approvals from the Fire Prevention Office, Building Safety and Planning departments may be required for your event.  These would be for, but not limited to:  Tents & Canopies, Generators / Electrical Services, Temporary Structures / Light Towers Stages / Platforms / Risers, Exterior Cooking, Signs & Banners, Vehicle Displays / Car Shows, Bleachers and Carnivals. 

For more information refer to the Fire Prevention, Building Safety and Planning Guide to Minor and Major Events or contact the Fire Prevention Office special events plan reviewer at 623-930-3401.

Maricopa County Health Department
In order to sell or give away any food or beverage product at an event, you are required to apply for and receive a temporary food service establishment permit from Maricopa County Health Department. Please read the special event program requirement and download the application from the following link.
Download Now

Tax & License
Any event with the sale of goods must obtain all appropriate licenses. Contact the City of Glendale Tax & License Division at 623-930-3190 or Click here for more information.

If you plan to sell or serve alcohol beverages at your event, a state issued Temporary Special Event Liquor License is be required. For more information, click here or contact the City of Glendale Tax & License Division at 623-930-3190.




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