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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ - Monsoon

Fire Chief

Monsoon Safety Tips from the Glendale Fire Department
Glendale Fire Chief Terry Garrison shares important information on how to keep you safe during a Monsoon.
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Police Chief Monsoon Safety Tips from the Glendale Police Department
Glendale Police Chief Rick St. John shares important information on how to keep you safe during a Monsoon.
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Sandbag Video

Free Sandbags
To all Glendale residents, Glendale provides both sand and bags to prevent flooding during Monsoon Season and throughout the year.
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Bonsall Park:  5900 Bethany Home Road, north side of Bethany
Station 153:  59th Ave and Thunderbird, NE corner of parking lot
Support Services Building:  55th Ave and Orangewood, SE corner of parking lot

Citizens will need to bring their own shovel.
Sandbags & ties are provided.

Glendale, AZ - Monsoon What Is a Monsoon?
If you’re in the Valley between the months of June and September, you’re pretty much guaranteed to experience the powerful winds, towering clouds and awesome lightning and thunder of an Arizona monsoon storm.
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Glendale, AZ - Monsoon Emergency Numbers: Utilities, Sandbags & More
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for important emergency numbers to report an outage in your area.
mosquito Mosquito Prevention
Fight the bite this monsoon season by preventing standing water in your yard. Look for hidden areas where water collects, like birdbaths, flower pots, empty containers, and kids’ playground equipment. For more information on mosquito control, visit
stormwater Don’t Swim in Storm Water
When it rains, storm water carries pet waste, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals into gutters and eventually, into our washes and waterways. Be safe this monsoon season - don’t enter storm drains, retention basins, and washes. For more information on how to keep storm water structures clean, visit
air quality Air Quality
Dust storms come on quickly in Arizona, transporting clouds of fine dust and soil. These storms not only make driving hazardous, they can cause respiratory problems, too. Valley Fever is an illness caused by a fungus that lives in the soil and dust in the Southwest. People get Valley Fever by breathing in the microscopic, airborne fungal spores. Reduce your exposure by avoiding dust storms and staying indoors. For more information on Valley Fever, visit
Flood Protect Yourself Before & After the Flood
Learn steps you can take to reduce the harm caused by flooding and how you can protect your health when returning home after a flood. Learn more
Glendale, AZ - Monsoon Ready, Set, Safe at Home
When the storm hits, it’s best to keep your family safe at home. But, there are still dangers to be on the lookout for. Read the following tips to make sure your family and home is as safe as possible before the rain and wind begins. Read more>>
Glendale, AZ - Emergency Aware on the Road and 'Stupid Motorist Law'
While safety officials urge people to avoid driving during monsoon storms, sometimes it is inevitable. If you are caught in a storm while on the road, please keep the following in mind.
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Glendale, AZ - Monsoon Be on the Lookout for Lightning
The Glendale Fire Department responds to several calls for lightning-related fires or human strikes each year. To help prevent lightning-related accidents and injuries, safety officials offer the following tips. Read more>>
Glendale, AZ - Monsoon Making a Family Disaster Plan
Planning ahead is the first step to helping to keep your family safe during an emergency. The Red Cross offers the following tips to guide you in creating a plan that will work for your family.
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Glendale, AZ - Monsoon Tips for Building An Emergency Preparedness Kit
Click here to find out what important items may be helpful during a severe storm.

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