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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ

Glendale, AZ

Parks & Recreation
Engaging residents and visitors in diverse opportunities to live, invest and play in the community

Parks & Recreation
5970 W. Brown St.
Glendale AZ  85302

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Glendale Parks and Recreation is Nationally Accredited.
CAPRA provides quality assurance and quality improvement of accredited park and recreation agencies throughout the United States. CAPRA is the only national accreditation of park and recreation agencies, and is a valuable measure of an agency’s overall quality of operation, management, and service to the community.

parks and recreation
Parks and Recreation
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Email us or call 623-930-2691.
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The Glendale Parks and Recreation Division provides a variety of recreation, educational and social activities for Glendale citizens from toddler to senior adult through special interest classes, the Adult Center, sports, aquatics and after school programs.

We are responsible for park maintenance, park planning and the scheduling of 44 facilities including meeting rooms, ramadas, swimming pools, recreation centers and lighted and unlighted sports fields.

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Parks and recreation news and events

Make Memories With Your Little Girl! Glendale’s Daddy Daughter Dance June 23daddy daughter dance

This annual event is open to daughters, ages 3-12, and their dads, or other significant adult. There will be great music, dessert and light refreshments served, plus some fun activities! It takes place on Saturday, June 23, 7-9 p.m., at the Foothills Recreation and Aquatics Center, 5600 W. Union Hills Dr. Admission is $10/per person. Registration is required! Sign up today! View Flyer.

For more information or questions, call 623-930-4600. To register, visit

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Ranger Summer Heat Summertime Blues?
Glendale’s got the cure for summertime blues, with lots of fun in the sun 
at its two aquatics facilities and splash pad! Dive into all the information
you’ll need to keep cool and learn to swim at city of Glendale pools and amenities here!
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summer youth programs Summer Programs  
Desert Mirage Drop-In Summer Camp
May 29th to July 27th, 2018

Foothills 360 Summer Camp
May 29th - August 3rd, 2018

This exciting drop-in summer camp will provide enriching recreational opportunities while providing a comfortable and fun atmosphere for all youth to express themselves, meet new friends and be physically active. Program activities include sports, group games, free play, creative art, STEM experiments, game challenges, summer reading adventures, movie time, special events, and lots of fun. Full details can be found here.

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Keep Yourself, Pets Safe When Outdoors in the Heat Ranger Summer Heat
July and August may be considered the Dog Days of Summer, but in Arizona, dogs and many times people should not be outside in the heat of the day. Glendale officials want to remind residents to stay safe and protect themselves from the potentially deadly heat this summer. The high night temperatures do not allow for the body to cool down and can result in more people being at risk for dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Children, elderly and animals are even more susceptible to heat-related illness.

View Flyer | Protect Your Pet

Important information to keep in mind this time of year to avoid heat- related illness:

  • Increase fluid intake, regardless of activity level.
  • Limit exercise/outdoor activity 11a.m. - 3 p.m.
  • Wear a hat, loose-fitting, lightweight clothing and sunglasses.
  • Rest frequently in shaded areas to recover and cool down.
  • Never leave infants, children or pets inside a parked vehicle.
  • Check on elderly neighbors to make sure their air conditioning is working and in use.
  • Take advantage of free air- conditioned spaces by visiting shopping malls, libraries, or other heat refuge locations.

This is especially important for hiking enthusiasts who may be out at Thunderbird Conservation Park or
other Glendale trails; heat-related tips specific to hiking include:

  • Drink 1-2 liters of water per hour while hiking (1 L = approx. 34 oz.) The body can lose 2-4 liters of water when active during high temps.
  • When half of your water is gone, it’s time to turn around and go back.
  • Avoid bringing your dog on the trails during the summer.
  • Choose a trail that is within your ability. Check out the trail rating system online: www.glendaleaz. com/parksandrecreation/trails.
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lifeguardsStudents! Land the Coolest Summer Job & Spend Your Summer at the Pool!
Looking for the perfect summer job? Look no further. With the proper training and certification, lifeguarding or teaching swim lessons can be fun and rewarding, and it works especially well for students’ schedules.

Glendale will be hiring many lifeguards and swim instructors to work its two aquatics centers during the summer months. Not only will you spend your summer by the pool, you will learn lifelong skills, make friends and earn some cash! Full details can be found here.

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veteranGlendale's Park & Recreation Division Will Offer Discounts to Veterans, Pilot Discounts for Youth Beginning January 1

The city of Glendale will soon offer discounts to certain groups of residents on parks and recreation fees beginning Jan. 1. The City Council recently approved the new discount program, which will be permanent for one, and a pilot program for the second group.
Veterans that are residents of Glendale will be eligible to receive a 25% discount on parks and recreation fees, such as ramada and other facility rentals, memberships and sports and activity registrations; however, it will not be applicable on the costs of any goods or products, such as concessions.

The second discount will be offered by the city on a pilot program. This discount is for low-to-moderate-income youth. For Glendale residents ages 17 and under, this discount will be given to children of those currently receiving government assistance.

For additional details view the press release or visit

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glendale youth sports league

Summer Baseball Closing Ceremonies: Video
Glendale Youth Sports League participants celebration a winning season for all, at the closing ceremonies at Camelback Ranch on July 17. Check out the festivities on YouTube.

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Places to go, things to do in with the Park & Recreation
Archery Range Complex

Events Happening at The Murph!The Murph

Historic Main House Tour at Sahuaro RanchHistoric Sahauro Ranch Park

Discover the
Glendale Adult Center

glendale adult center
Sports Organizations in Neighborhood Parks

Thunderbird Conservation Park
Thunderbird Conservation Park

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Glendale Parks and Recreation is Nationally Accredited

The Glendale Parks and Recreation Department became one of only 139 agencies in the world to have received national accreditation from the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA). CAPRA provides quality assurance and quality improvement of accredited park and recreation agencies throughout the United States. CAPRA is the only national accreditation of park and recreation agencies, and is a valuable measure of an agency’s overall quality of operation, management, and service to the community.
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