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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ

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City of Glendale - Solid Waste
Our Business Is Picking Up

Join us on Instagram at glendalerecycleandsolidwaste
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Glendale residents only need to mark three annual holidays on their
calendar to remind them of a change in their regular curbside trash and recycling collection pick-up schedule.

Residential collection will take place on all regularly-scheduled pickup days, including all federal holidays,except Thanksgiving, Christmas
and New Year’s Day.

new years
Thursday, November 22, 2018 
Holiday Schedule:
Christmas Day
Tuesday, December 25, 2018
Holiday Schedule:
New Year’s Day
Tuesday, January 1, 2019
Holiday Schedule:
Thurs. collection (11/22) 
moves to Fri. (11/23)
Mon. collection (12/24) 
No Change
Mon. collection (12/31) 
No Change
Fri. collection (11/23) 
moves to Sat. (11/24)
Tue. collection (12/25) 
moves to Wed. (12/26)
Tue. collection (1/1) 
moves to Wed. (1/2)
Wed. collection (12/26) 
moves to Thur. (12/27)
Wed. collection (1/2) 
moves to Thur. (1/3)
Thur. collection (12/27) 
moves to Fri. (12/28)
Thur. collection (1/3) 
moves to Fri. (1/4)
Fri. collection (12/28) 
moves to Sat. (12/29)
Fri. collection (1/4) 
moves to Sat. (1/5)
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team up to clean up

Make a Difference! - Take the Pledge Today
Various city departments have partnered to create ‘Team Up to Clean Up,’ an initiative that brings the community together to help keep our city looking clean and green.

It starts with you! We’re calling all businesses, clubs, faith-based organizations, families, schools - everyone can help make a difference. Take the pledge and help spread the message that you take pride in Glendale! Read more, and find out how you can get your free Team Up to Clean Up Toolkit on Oct. 27!

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Clean & Green

The 2018 Glendale Clean & Green is Here!

The 2018 Glendale Clean & Green publication is here! This annual publication brings together water conservation, sanitation, recycling and transportation news to help Glendale stay green.

Inside you'll find helpful hints, free events, special recycling and sanitation dates, a contest for kids and the latest in green efforts within Glendale.

Download now!
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Bulk Trash (2018)

2018 Bulk Trash Mailer Recently each resident was mailed a postcard of  their 2018 bulk trash schedule.  The postcards show the bulk trash schedule for each individual section. Click on links below.

Please note that Section 2 does have a correction. Place bulk trash out no earlier than the Thursday before your scheduled collection week.

Bulk Trash Section 1
Bulk Trash Section 2
Bulk Trash Section 3
Bulk Trash Section 4

The city provides bulk trash pickup service for large, bulky items that will not fit into your residential garbage container. This is the time to dispose of tree limbs and brush, as well as furniture and appliances generated from your property.

Crews are responsible for removal of large debris only. The equipment used often leaves behind small debris, which is the responsibility of the resident to clean up. Service will not be provided if bulk trash is improperly placed, deemed unsafe to collect or contains unacceptable items.

It is a violation of city ordinance to put bulk trash out before or after the assigned period. Residents not placing bulk trash out on time will not receive service until the following month and are required to remove their items from the street or alley until the next scheduled service. Failure to comply may result in enforcement action, including charges to the resident.

For questions regarding bulk trash placement or to report early/ late put out, please contact the Solid Waste Division at 623-930-2660.

bluck trash 2018

Residents are to place bulk trash out no earlier than 6 a.m. on the Thursday before your scheduled service week and no later than 6 a.m. on the Monday of your scheduled service week.


2018 Schedule
Please see scheduled service weeks below

yellow square Section 1   blue square Section 2
  January 1-5     January 8-12
  February 5-9     February 12-16
  March 5-9     March 12-16
  April 2-6     April 9-13
  May 7-11     May 14-18
  June 4-8     June 11-15
  July 2-6     July 9-13
  August 6-10     August 13-17
  September 3-7     September 10-14
  October 1-5     October 8-12
  November 5-9     November 12-16
  December 3-7     December 10-14
orange square Section 3   green square Section 4
  January 15-19     January 22-26
  February 19-23     February 26 - March 2
  March 19-23     March 26-30
  April 16-20     April 23-27
  May 21-25     May 28 - June 1
  June 18-22     June 25-29
  July 16-20     July 23-27
  August 20-24     August 27-31
  September 17-21     September 24-28
  October 15-19     October 22-26
  November 19-23     November 26-30
  December 17-21     December 24-28


2019 Schedule
Please see scheduled service weeks below

yellow square
Section 1
  blue square
Section 2
January 7-11
January 14-18
February 4-8
February 11-15
March 4-8
March 11-15
April 1-5
April 8-12
May 6-10
May 13-17
June 3-7
June 10-14
July 1-5
July 8-12
August 5-9
August 12-16
September 2-6
September 9-13
October 7-11
October 14-18
November 4-8
November 11-15
December 2-6
December 9-13
orange square
Section 3
  green square
Section 4
January 21-25
January 28 - February 1
February 18-22
February 25 - March1
March 18-22
March 25-29
April 15-19
April 22-26
May 20-24
May 27-31
June 17-21
June 24-28
July 15-19
July 22-26
August 19-23
August 26-30
September 16-20
September 23-27
October 21-25
October 28 - November 1
November 18-23
November 25-29
December 16-20
December 23-27

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Recycling Tip of the Month - Caps On!
Recycling caps
Everybody knows that plastic bottles can be recycled, but what about their caps? YES they can be recycled! Thanks to improved sorting processes, we can recycle plastic bottle caps with no added effort! Just empty the contents of the bottle, put the cap on, and toss it in the recycling bin. In fact, this works for shampoo bottles, laundry detergent, peanut butter jars, and most common household items too. As always, check here to see what Glendale's recycling program accepts. 
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The city of Glendale’s Solid Waste Division provides a variety of residential and commercial services. Garbage and recycling is collected weekly and bulk (loose) trash is collected monthly. In addition, the city operates the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where recyclable materials are sorted and prepared for sale, as well as the municipal landfill.

Glendale, AZ - Video What Glendale Solid Waste Means to You: Check out this video highlighting the many benefits of Glendale's Public Works departments and services. Watch now
Glendale, AZ - Video

Solid Waste Can Placement: The City of Glendale mandates the placement of solid waste & recycling cans.Unless you live on a major throroughfare, placement is in the street, with some exceptions. For more information, please call the Solid Waste Department @ 623-930-2660. Watch now

Glendale now requires all refuse containers to be placed in the street on pickup day.

Did you know the city of Glendale recently updated its ordinance on the placement of solid waste and recycling containers? This means now all residential containers (refuse/recycling) should be placed in the street at the curb, not on the sidewalk.

With a few exceptions, this will be the new procedure on collection days. These exceptions are:

  • If your residence is located on an arterial street (a main thoroughfare) you will not place your containers in the street due to vehicle traffic.  Place containers on the sidewalk, close to the curb (please allow pedestrians to walk on the sidewalk with no obstructions).
  • If you live in an area with alleys behind your home, you will continue to take your trash to the solid waste container in the alley, and now you will place your recycling container in the street in front of your home. 
  • A property with no access to the street and no sidewalk will place their containers at the edge of the driveway closest to the street.
  • A property with a detached sidewalk (open area between sidewalk and curb) in front of the home will place the container in the street at the curb.

The safety of its residents is the city’s number one priority. This modification will provide unrestricted access to the city sidewalks for all pedestrians in the community, reducing the need for pedestrians to navigate around sanitation containers and onto private property or city streets.

Other things to remember when placing out your trash and recycling:

  • Bag and tie all trash
  • Recycling should be loose - not bagged
  • Don’t overfill your containers
  • Place containers in the street at the curb the night before or by 6 am on the collection day; put away your container by 6 a.m. the day following pick up
  • Place containers out in front of your home, not the neighbors
  • Proper placement at the curb allows pedestrians to walk on the sidewalk behind your container(s) with containers facing forward
  • If your container is damaged, call the Solid Waste Office for a replacement

Glendale, AZ - Sanitation

Medication disposal

For tips on how best to dispose of medications, click here.


Hazardous Waste and Trash Collections Just Don’t Mix

Glendale is asking residents to examine the materials that are placed into their refuse containers.  Solid waste collections are experiencing an increase in hot loads. Bill Sterling, Glendale Solid Waste Superintendent stated that Glendale averages 2-5 incidents a year. The incidents may require employees to seek medical attention and damage to the equipment can reach into several thousand dollars.

What is a hot load? A truckload of recyclables or trash that catches fire, smolders, spontaneously combusts, or becomes toxic as a result of incompatible waste mixing inside a collection truck.  Hot loads can potentially jeopardize the health and safety of the driver of the collection truck as well as the public. A hot load can occur in neighborhoods while collecting recycling and trash on public roadways, and can damage personal property, roads and collection vehicles.

Residents are asked NOT to place the following items in their recycling/refuse containers:

  • Hot ashes (cigarette paraphernalia, hot coals and/or wood)
  • Motor oil, gasoline, antifreeze, Kerosene
  • Paint, varnish, pesticides or other household chemicals
  • Auto batteries, rechargeable NiCad or Lithium batteries
  • Cooking oil from fryers –State Statutes prohibit disposal of liquid waste

Glendale offers Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collections 2Xper year.  Look on the warning labels of items you are throwing away. Phrases such as:  Flammable, corrosive, and combustible are warnings the container needs special attention for disposal.  Residents can call and schedule an appointment for a HHW collection by calling 623.930.2660. Click here to learn more about hazardous materials.


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