City Court  

Glendale City Court Judges adjudicate criminal misdemeanors, City Code violations, traffic violations and certain juvenile offenses committed in the City of Glendale. In cases of domestic violence and harassment, the Court issues protective orders.  The Court has the authority to issue search warrants for misdemeanors and felonies.

5711 West Glendale Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85301
(623) 930-2400 Fax: (623) 937-8860
Pay by Phone: (623) 930-2427

 Hours of Operation: 8AM - 5PM (M-F)

 COURT NOTICE                 

Per Administrative Order 2019-002 that went into effect February 1, 2019, persons are not permitted to use electronic devices to photograph, record or broadcast anything occurring in the courtroom or courthouse without prior permission of the Court. A violation of this rule may be subject to contempt or cited for criminal charges. -Administrative Order 2019-002Rule 122.1, Rules of the Supreme Court of AZ. 

 COURT SECURITY               


The Glendale City Court has full-time security personnel
who are stationed at the main entrance to the court.

Everyone who visits the court must pass through a metal detector and must place all personal belongings on an X-ray machine to be viewed. In addition, your personal belongings may be subject to a search. - Administrative Order No. 2017 - 15, Administrative Order by Supreme Court of AZ.

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Boots.pngAttention All VeteransBoots.png

  7th Annual, STAND UP FOR VETERANS event is here!!!
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Click here to view and print the 7th Annual GLENDALE
flyer and join us at the event
on Saturday, September 21st, 2019 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Click here if you're a Veteran and need a ride to the event. 
If you're a Veteran and would like to early register.
Click on Register Before The Event!

6th Annual GLENDALE SU4V - 2018

5th Annual GLENDALE SU4V - 2017

Presiding Judge Finn

Presiding Judge Finn

Judge Burkholder   Judge Delgado   Judge Baxter

          Judge Burkholder             Judge Delgado               Judge Baxter

Elizabeth Finn, appointed by City Council in 2003, serves as Presiding Judge for Glendale City Court

John Burkholder, appointed by City Council 1995, serves as Judge for Glendale City Court

Manuel Delgado, appointed by City Council 2013, serves as Judge for Glendale City Court

Jean Baxter​, appointed by Presiding Judge in 2014, serves as Court Hearing Officer for Glendale City Court

Presiding Judge Elizabeth, Finn and Mayor Jerry Weiers
speak on Stand Up for Veterans Court Assistance.